Halloween Horn (or ear) Tutorial

One thing that Taylor liked about her patterncostume is that the model was wearing a wig and horns. Upon searching for horns that might match her costume, I came up empty handed – it appears that almost all of them come in red (which didn’t go with the colors we had chosen), so, I set out to make a pair of my own. I thought I would share the process of how I made mine (this would also work if you need to make cat ears as well).

Materials Needed:
Fabric scraps
Headband (smooth, without teeth preferably one that is the same size throughout)
Polyester fiberfill
Thread to match
Hand sewing needle
Hot glue gun
Step 1: To determine what size to cut your material for your headband you’ll need to take a few measurements. First, measure the headband width (if the headband is wider at one point, use this measurement). Add 3/4″ to width size. Additionally, measure the headband length, adding 1″ to measurement. Use these measurements to make a headband covering piece and cut from your material. Additionally, cut 4 horn or ear sections from material.

Step 2: On longest edges of Headband Covering Piece fold under 1/4″ to wrong side. Press in place.

Step 3: Make the horn or ear pieces by sewing 2 sections, right sides together. Clip curves and turn right side out. Stuff firmlywith fiberfill leaving 1/4″ of the bottom edge free. Baste raw edges together. Repeat for second ear or horn.

Step 4: Fold long edges of Headband Covering piece so that finished edges are even. Press in place. Next, determine the center of the headband – crease this measurement by pressing with iron. Open up Headband Covering piece so that wrong side is up. From the center crease measure down 1 1/2″. Place edge of horn section next to this measurement so that basting is even with the creased edge and pin in place. Repeat this step for the second side. (Note: These measurements can be adjusted so that the ears or horns are closer together or further apart depending on your liking). Again, fold up finished edges of Headband Covering so that finished edges are even – however this time, pin them in place.

Step 5: Sew close to finished edges and across earshorns. It may be helpful to switch your machine foot to a zipper foot when sewing across the ear or horns. Slide your finished Headband Covering across purchased headband until hornsears are centered. (Note: Stitching and horns should be centered across the top of the headband)

Step 6:: Fold under raw edges of headband ends (short ends) to wrong side of headband. Hand sew or hot glue in place:

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