Going Shopping, Twice In One Day

I decided to take advantage of Joann’s Columbus Day Sale and went shopping yesterday (beware, mini-rant coming up). After waiting in line to have my material cut (I had quite a bit), I found out that the scanner wasn’t working so everything had to be hand written – which took twice as long as normal (of course Easton was done shopping by this point which made it feel like time was dragging on). By the time I made it to the register, everyone found out that AT&T was down nationwide so no credit cards could be used. DRAT! I wound up having to put back a lot of what made it’s way into my cart so I could pay cash. Deciding that I would never have time over the weekend to head back over, I decided to go back to Joann’s again and pick up the rest of my items. What did I pick up?

Several items for my Christmas Stocking Swap: fabric for the stocking itself and material for some projects to put inside it (details to come later). I also purchased some fat quarters so that I can (eventually) start making Christmas gifts (I intend on making a modified pencil roll from Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts for my niece and friend’s children).
I also made a trip to Michael’s for more stocking supplies – my favorite? Ink Jet Tattoo sheets. After our company leaves this weekend I intend on testing them out – maybe I’ll make my own version of this.

5 thoughts on “Going Shopping, Twice In One Day

  1. bernadette

    Hmmm- I guess I was lucky that the hotel I was checking out of yesterday was already prepaid on my credit card. Or I might have been in quite a fix!
    I am on a “cash-only” for shopping kick anyway but that will last only untlI I hit the grocery store – who wants to carry THAT much cash. haha.
    The temp tats seem like SUCH a better idea than real tattoos. I would get sick of having the same designs all the time, among other worries.

  2. Sharon

    Oh how aggrevating. It must have been up and running by the time I hit Joanns, which was Sat evening about 7:30 p.m., since I was able to make my purchases with my card.
    I hadn’t seen those Ink Jet Tattoo sheets yet! I’m going to pick some up …I think it would be a fun kid’s project.

  3. Kris

    I had no idea that cc’s were down! Such an isolated life 🙂 Just happen to be the one day I didn’t go shopping I guess! What a pain!

  4. Sandy in W

    The last few times I’ve been to Hancock’s here on the east side of “our town”, inept is the word I would use to describe what has been consistently happening there. There’s different management and all the long-time employees are gone. It’s quite strange. In not a good way, of course.

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