1/2 Way There?

After steadily working on Easton’s costume, I finally have the ‘romper’ portion of the monkey finished:

It actually took a lot longer than what I had anticipated to finish this up as there are quite a few steps to get to this point (and it doesn’t even look like I’ve made a dent in the pattern pieces) I haven’t hand the opportunity to slip him into it to see if it fits, but I did measure it against one of his well fitting sleepers and they seem fairly comparable (with the costume being a bit larger, but from the way it fits the kids on pattern envelope, this seems about right). Next up, monkey feet……

3 thoughts on “1/2 Way There?

  1. angie.a

    AWW!!! I can’t wait to see the Bad Fairy too. I think Lu is going to be a 50s waitress with a tray of food (possibly on 4-wheel roller skates if we can find a pair)

  2. Kasey

    It’s adorable!
    It looks like it may be the same monkey costume I used for my son’s first Halloween. I’ll have to go through my old photos. I think I still may even have the costume.

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