If you read my previous post about Simplicity 3594, you’ll know that I made a few changes in regards to fabrics. Since I eliminated fleece (and substituted suede) for the monkey’s belly, I needed to create a finished edge for this part of the costume. To do this, I cut the suede slightly larger than the pattern piece and cut fusible fleece to finished size (not only does the fleece give the belly a bit of ‘puff’, but also helped in the shaping of the suede). I ironed the excess material to the wrong side of the fabric around the fleece and , thankfully, it retained it’s shape without the need for gathering or basting stitches:

After attaching the belly, I managed to construct and stuff the tail and attach it to the back of the costume:

There’s still quite a bit of work to be done before the ‘romper’ portion of the costume is complete (neckband, sleeves and sleeve bands, velcro closure, and elastic around the ankles), but overall, it’s really starting to take shape!

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