Today’s Sewing Room Activities

I love the fact that I have such a wonderful husband who supports my hobby – I spent a relaxing afternoon in the sewing room and managed to work on quite a few things. Not only did I start on Easton’s costume (I’ll be posting more on that tomorrow), but I also cut out almost everything for Taylor’s. Thankfully, there are much fewer pieces than the monkey. However, I found myself cutting them out multiple times (not to mention all the pieces that need interfacing). I did have to make a few changes to the pattern based on what Taylor and I talked about. First, we omitted the ‘ragged’ look to the bodice and decided on a more clean look. I’m still deciding on how I want to sew this up since the original pattern piece has a shorter lining to accommodate the cuts you need to make to the edges – consequently, I didn’t cut out this portion of the fabric and will hold off until I have more time to think about it. Secondly, we decided to omit the ragged look on the bloomers and went with the gathered edge style instead – it’s slightly more ‘cutesy’ than what we were going for, but neither one of us like the jagged edges (especially on satin, can you imagine the inevitable mess it’s going to be?). Lastly, I never could find crinoline at the fabric store and have decided that I’m just going to interface the heck out of the wings. I cut 8 layers (2 for each side of the wing) of woven interfacing and think that it should support the material enough.