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There’s no pictures to show what I’ve been working on, but I guarantee, I’ve been putting in quite a few hours on the sewing machine the last few days. Instead, today I thought I would share a few photos of Easton – Taylor and I messed around with some Halloween costume accessories the other day and here’s our photos to prove it!
The photo on the right is what Easton is like when he needs a nap….keep in mind, this is the child who doesn’t like to sleep much during the day (and at night too)! The second is either his rocker look or as Taylor puts it “His hair really coming in”.
Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments on Easton’s finished costume! I’m behind on emails (and websites), but I hope to send some responses back as soon as I make a dent into my sewing…. I should have the wedding gifts finished and up in tomorrow’s post!

My Little Monkey Boy

If you happened to stop by Pattern Review yesterday, you may have noticed a familiar costume posted in the pattern review section of the site. That’s right, I finished Easton’s costume (and even got him to model the finished product):

Last night I started on wedding gifts for this coming weekend, then it’s on to Taylor’s Halloween costume – both of which need to be finished by Friday! Crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to burn the midnight oil and get it all done in less than a week – I feel so Project Runway. ROFL. BTW, what did you think of this season?

Familiar Fez

“I don’t recall your name, but your fez is familiar” – Austin Powers
Last night I finally was able to finish the last pieces to Easton’s monkey costume – the fez and vest. The pattern originally called for felt to be used for both items (and then embellished with rick rack), but I found this fabric in the home decor section and it seemed like a better fit. The downside to using it? All the pieces needed to be finished (since the pattern called for felt, there wasn’t a need to hem,etc.). Instead of turning under the raw edges, I opted to line the vest with a burgundy sparkle cotton that was in my stash and used some purchased bias tape to finish off the arm holes.

Now I just need to tack the fez to the head and take some photos with Easton in the complete costume! Next up – a fun wedding gift and starting on Taylor’s costume (I counted, 14 days until Halloween so I really need to get crackin’!).

Linky Thursday

Amy Butler has two new patterns in the works -The Domestic Goddess Apron and Sun Surf Halter, both available mid-November. The photo above is a sneak peak at the finished product…adorable!
A good reason to be crafty this month – for every (pink) project uploaded to Craftstylish, the website will donate $1 to the Susan G Komen for the cure.
The new Ottobre isn’t up yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sneak peak at some of the fashions in the latest issue (you can check out the cover photo and contents here).
CreateForLess is holding a Halloween Costume Contest – with shopping sprees for prizes!
Celebrities who sew.
Embroidery Treasures has started doing their Monday Giveaways again!
BurdaStyle has partnered with Coats & Clark. To celebrate they’re giving away 18 spools of thread to 10 lucky winners.
One of my favorite fabric sites, True Up, is 6 months old and is celebrating with a fantastic giveaway!
If I would make a quilt, I would want it to look just like this.
A fantastic resource for softies. [link via Whip Up]
Spoonflower is getting into the holiday spirit by offering up downloadable Halloween masks.
Threadbanger brings you Halloween costume ideas!
These make my traditional pumpkin carvings look puny (I think I need one!). [link via Craft]
A new online magazine devoted to design & sewing is available for download.
The Biggest Halloween Costume contest on the web (with lots of prizes to be won!).
Always wondering how much fabric you should buy when you don’t have a specific project in mind? Encue Creations has a great entry on stash building.
Another tutorial on making a candy wrapper style purse. [link via Craft Gossip]

Monkey Head

I’m making slow, but steady progress on Halloween costumes. My latest accomplishment, a monkey head.

I put off making this part of the costume because it seemed daunting – all those darts, attaching the ears, etc. I was surprised to find that in the end it was fairly simple to make! I did make a few changes, however. Since the pattern called for using fleece for the ears, I needed to add some puff to my suede. For this, I added fusible fleece to both sides of the material before sewing them together. The second change I made was attaching the ears to the outside of the head before sewing in the lining – it allowed me to machine sew it and avoid some hand sewing.
Now I only have the fez and vest to construct (along with a few pattern changes) and this costume is finished! Now I wonder if Easton will wear the whole ensemble long enough for me to take some pictures?

Going Shopping, Twice In One Day

I decided to take advantage of Joann’s Columbus Day Sale and went shopping yesterday (beware, mini-rant coming up). After waiting in line to have my material cut (I had quite a bit), I found out that the scanner wasn’t working so everything had to be hand written – which took twice as long as normal (of course Easton was done shopping by this point which made it feel like time was dragging on). By the time I made it to the register, everyone found out that AT&T was down nationwide so no credit cards could be used. DRAT! I wound up having to put back a lot of what made it’s way into my cart so I could pay cash. Deciding that I would never have time over the weekend to head back over, I decided to go back to Joann’s again and pick up the rest of my items. What did I pick up?

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Monkey Feet

The monkey feet are finished. They look a lot less like something you would find on a primate and something more like you’d find on Robin Hood or Captain Jack Sparrow. Not only do they look like boots, they are absolutely enormous – I’m very thankful that Easton isn’t walking because he would trip wearing these shoes. Here he is wearing one of them:

From the looks of it, his foot is only filling up 1/2 the shoe and it comes up mid-calf, but it may look less obvious once it’s worn with the romper since it all should ‘blend’ together. I’m not bothering to try to make it any smaller since I know he’ll only leave them on long enough or photos.
Next up, the hood, hat, and vest…then it’s trying to wrangle Easton in the costume for photos!

Linky Thursday

With all the news lately about the economy, I’m wondering how many of us will be making more of our holiday gifts instead of going out and purchasing them. To help with your holiday planning, here’s some fun (and free) tutorials:
Have a friend who rides their bike to work? Make them a Bike Frame Lunch Bag. [Link via Craft]
Recycle those old ties and make a 2 Tie Sling. Still have more ties to use up? Be sure to check out this article for lots of inspiration!
Put to use your batting scraps.
When I was little, my grandmother used to wear a curler bonnet to bed. I used to love to run around her house wearing it when we went to visit. This project for a shower cap, reminds me of something she might have worn (different fabric of course) – I might just make one, just for nostalgia! [link via Whip Up]
If you need a quick gift, why not try theThe One Hour Bag? Need an even quicker gift? Check out this fashionable 10 minute top!
Don’t show up to the party empty handed this holiday season, bring your gift in style when you carry it in this handy Wine Tote.
Serged Folder project
For the kids – a cute Crayon Cozie or Pencil Holder from recycled jeans.
This might be up there with giving a vacuum cleaner as a gift, but here it goes anyway, the Ironing Board Makeover tutorial [link via Whip Up]
There’s no sewing involved, but I absolutely adore these Notebook Purses (or briefcases for the guys).
A fun and easy chalk cloth project (can be made in an hour or less!).
Coasters (almost) too pretty to use! [link via SewMammaSew]
Don’t bother wrapping your gifts, make this adorable basket to store their goodies!