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Linky Thursday

Making a gift this holiday season? Then be sure to enter Gifts By You, presented by SVP Worldwide and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Home decorcrafting, fashion, machine embroidery and machine quilting projects can be uploaded here between November 17, 2008 and December 31, 2008. Winners from each category will win one of the above sewing machines. One grand prize winner will receive an additional $1,000 shopping spree to their local Singer, Husqvarna Viking, or Pfaff retailer and have their project featured in an issue of Martha Stewart Living.
Win yourself a Dlux57 apron – now you can look just like Bree.
I wish I was better at hand embroidery. If I was, I would stitch this up. [link via CraftGossip]
CraftStylish caption contest. They remind me of the knit monster heads from last week’s Linky Thursday post.
This has absolutely nothing to do with sewing, but it was too good to pass up – Haunted Mansion 3-D board game download. [link via Craft]
Craft & Hobby Association has announced the Indy Craft Competition.
Need a quick costume? Make yourself a bunny hat and paws.
The Friendly Plastic Contest.
There’s another great menswear pattern up at Burda Style!
I’m in love with these adorable little house ornaments.
Adorable cupcake pincushions! [link via Craft]
Make some Halloween stickers to pass out to Trick-or-treaters tomorrow.

Photos, Weddings, And Packages

With Halloween costume sewing behind me, I can now talk about all the other things that have been going on. First off, the wedding was beautiful and the weather was a perfect fall day. Unfortunately, both kids got sick so we had to cut our visit short. I did, however, get to see the bride and groom open their wedding gift and am thrilled that they enjoyed it.
A few things have also arrived in the mail. First off, the adorable pumpkin I won from Carrie! I didn’t put up that many Halloween decorations this year (I couldn’t find our box, I wonder if Bret did that on purpose?) so he’s a cute addition to our house. For anyone interested Carrie has them available in her Etsy shop.
I also purchased to fun fabrics. The first, a Japanese import that looks like newspaper:

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with it, but when I saw it, I knew that I had to have it. The second, an Andy Warhol inspired silk screened till with Campbell’s soup cans!

I have always been a huge Warhol fan so this fabric really called to me. I have 6 yards that I can play with so there are lots of possibilities (for anyone interested, I found this one on both eBay and Etsy), aprons, grocery totes, maybe even a funky, full skirt!

Wings And Wigs

It seems as if there are tons of pieces to Taylor’s costume (I suppose there are), but I’m happy to report the wings are the last one!

I had thought the wings would be more difficult to construct, but they were surprisingly simple. Even though they were easy to make, overall, I’m disappointed with them. For one, they aren’t very big. When the wings are attached to the bodice, they are barely noticeable. My second complaint is that they are unfinished. I was so shocked when I read the directions and they had me sewing them wrong sides together – they just looked ‘messy’. To help hide the interfacing that peeked out, I wound up using a sharpie to help darken them. You can’t see it unless you look closely, but I know it’s there! I would advise anyone making this pattern to add a seam allowance and sew them right sides together, especially if you’re using lame, that stuff can be so ‘fragile’ and fray so easily that the wings might not hold up throughout the evening.
So, without further ado, I present to you the finished costume:

Notice that there’s something missing? In the previous post, I told you that Taylor wanted to wear a wig…. after putting everything together, she changed her mind. Want to know what it looks like with the wig on? Click here.

Halloween Horn (or ear) Tutorial

One thing that Taylor liked about her patterncostume is that the model was wearing a wig and horns. Upon searching for horns that might match her costume, I came up empty handed – it appears that almost all of them come in red (which didn’t go with the colors we had chosen), so, I set out to make a pair of my own. I thought I would share the process of how I made mine (this would also work if you need to make cat ears as well).

Materials Needed:
Fabric scraps
Headband (smooth, without teeth preferably one that is the same size throughout)
Polyester fiberfill
Thread to match
Hand sewing needle
Hot glue gun
Step 1: To determine what size to cut your material for your headband you’ll need to take a few measurements. First, measure the headband width (if the headband is wider at one point, use this measurement). Add 3/4″ to width size. Additionally, measure the headband length, adding 1″ to measurement. Use these measurements to make a headband covering piece and cut from your material. Additionally, cut 4 horn or ear sections from material.

Step 2: On longest edges of Headband Covering Piece fold under 1/4″ to wrong side. Press in place.

Step 3: Make the horn or ear pieces by sewing 2 sections, right sides together. Clip curves and turn right side out. Stuff firmlywith fiberfill leaving 1/4″ of the bottom edge free. Baste raw edges together. Repeat for second ear or horn.

Step 4: Fold long edges of Headband Covering piece so that finished edges are even. Press in place. Next, determine the center of the headband – crease this measurement by pressing with iron. Open up Headband Covering piece so that wrong side is up. From the center crease measure down 1 1/2″. Place edge of horn section next to this measurement so that basting is even with the creased edge and pin in place. Repeat this step for the second side. (Note: These measurements can be adjusted so that the ears or horns are closer together or further apart depending on your liking). Again, fold up finished edges of Headband Covering so that finished edges are even – however this time, pin them in place.

Step 5: Sew close to finished edges and across earshorns. It may be helpful to switch your machine foot to a zipper foot when sewing across the ear or horns. Slide your finished Headband Covering across purchased headband until hornsears are centered. (Note: Stitching and horns should be centered across the top of the headband)

Step 6:: Fold under raw edges of headband ends (short ends) to wrong side of headband. Hand sew or hot glue in place:

Big Bodice

First off, let me say I chickened out. Originally, I had set out to make the bodice of Taylor’s costume in black pleather, but when I found out that I was in a time crunch (i.e. make a costume in under a week) I decided that I wasn’t prepared to work with such a temperamental fabric in a short amount of time. Instead, I opted for a black ‘snakeskin’ print faux suede – it was softer, more friendly to work with, and would still work work great with the costume.
Before cutting into the fabric, I checked the pattern envelope to see the finished size. According to Taylor’s measurements she falls into a size 14, the finished bodice was going to be huge so I decided on going down one to a 12. After two days of sewing, I had this (photo on the left):

A huge bodice! Even though we went down one size, I easily could have gotten away with making a 10 and have this fit. I had no idea that the finished garment would be so large! Taylor was extremely unhappy with the look as well, so I altered it – taking off 1 1/2 inches (at least) on both sides to get the photo on the right. We also decided to omit the ragged look to the bottom edge so I also cut off much of the excess in this area.
I’ll have to leave you in suspense as to the rest of the costume…. we’re headed out to a wedding on Saturday so there won’t be a post over the weekend. I promise when I get back, I’ll have lots of goodies to share – the rest of the costume, a tutorial, wedding pictures, new fabric, and a package or two! In the mean time, have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!

Linky Thursday

I have a new project up a the Sewing RepublicThe Big Apple Pincushion. While you’re there checking out the pattern, be sure to take their survey and be eligible for a free fabric giveaway ($250 of Bernatex City Girl Fabrics!).
Can’t make it to Quilt Market this year? Then be there virtually! Boutique Cafe is going to be there covering the event and will be offering a LIVE video feed of the event.
Make a Gilded Lace Crown for your little princess.
Need a baby gift in a hurry? Try out this pattern for a Speedy Baby Quilt! [link via Craft Gossip]
Betz White is having not one, but two giveaways! This one doesn’t require a purchase to be eligible to win.
Design your dream sewing machine and you could win $100 in BurdaStyle’s Pimp Your Sewing Machine Contest.
A (free) pattern that combines three of my loves – unusual stuffies, monkeys, and Halloween…. Monkenottukhamun. The stuffies are also available for sale on her Etsy shop. [link via Craft]
I want this, now what to make with it? [link via CraftStylish]
Make your own cloth napkins.
Win yourself a Quick Change Rotary Cutter by Olfa. While you’re entering this contest, be sure to check out Embroidery Treasures entry on How to Match Fabrics.
I recently won You Can Make This reversible bucket hat. I hope to have this put together as soon as my Halloween costumes are complete. For lots of inspiration on his pattern, be sure to check out the Sew Chic Sew Along Flicker group (and many thanks to the Girl Indy Blog for the pattern!).
The iPod cord caddy.
The new Sew Forth Now podcast is up.
These knit monster heads sort of creep me out, but I guess they would keep you warm this Halloween. [link via Craft]
A great article on how to use interfacing.
Hoodie has a new fabric collection out – a gorgeous Asian inspired set called Medetai. I can see myself making some fall purses from this group.
Loobylu is giving away a copy of her book and Kaffe Fassett fabric. Just post your favorite internet recipe to be eligible.
Everlasting patterns.

Tulle Skirt

Another portion of Taylor’s costume is complete! This time it’s the tulle skirt:

This was another simple piece to create – sew two skirt panels together, cut the edges so they appear jagged, gather the tullenetting, and attach to the waistband. I decided to serge the waistband and the tulle together to keep the satin waistband from fraying and to give it a more polished look when worn . My only complaint is that I wish the green showed up more, it blends too much into the purple, in my opinion.

Big Bloomers

I’ve been marathon sewing (at least sewing during Easton’s naps and when the kids go to bed) and am happy to say at least one piece of Taylor’s costume is completely finished!

I decided to start with what looked like the easiest part first – the bloomers. Early on we had decided against the ‘bad fairy’s’ version of the pants which had a ragged look to them and opted for the more finished version instead. Both use the same pattern pieces, however, the ‘finished’ version has elastic around the legs for a more poofy look. After completing them, I’m wishing I had cut a size (or two or three) smaller – these things are HUGE. I even wound up cutting the elastic for around the legs one size down because I could immediately tell they weren’t going to ‘grab’ around her thighs, just hang there. I my opinion, if you’re planning on making these for yourself, go down a size!