Welcome Back, We Missed You

Early this year, I wrote a post about the “demise of Timtex” and what happened to the product (the manufacturer who was producing Timtex suddenly shut down). If you’ve done a search for this super stiff interfacing, you’ll quickly find that the supply, even on the internet, is gone. Pattern companies who rely on Timtex (such as Amy Butler) have been forced to alter their instructions to accommodate alternate materials. I’m happy to report, starting in late November, Timtex is back (new and improved). C&T Publishing, known for their wide variety of craft books and notions has not made a formal announcement, but here is some of the details that I have received:

C&T Publishing announced today that Timtex, the firm, flexible interfacing treasured by so many crafters has returned with a new and improved formula, and will now be manufactured and distributed by C&T Publishing.
Crafters Breathe a Sigh of Relief
“Timtex has been sorely missed on the market over the last year, says Jake Finch, a crafter and author of Comfort Quilts from the Heart and Fast, Fun & Easy® Book Cover Art. “To have C&T Publishing begin to distribute Timtex is a wonderful no-brainer.”
Crafters use Timtex to provide a stable shape for purses and bags, fabric bowls, vases, boxes, hats, cap brims, placemats, altered books, and any project that needs flexible firmness to hold its shape. Timtex is machine washable and dryable, and easy to cut, mark and sew. It can be set in shape with a hot iron.
Jake Finch credits Timtex for inspiring some of her favorite projects. “I would never have been able to come up with my Cover Art book covers without Timtex.”
New Formula Guarantees Uniform Thickness
The new Timtex is 100% polyester, which guarantees consistent thickness throughout every bolt. The old formula’s polyester/rayon blend produced considerable variations in thickness.
Timtex Joins Complete Line-up of Craft Interfacings
Timtex extends the interfacing choices available to crafters through C&T’s existing line of fast2fuse Double-Sided Stiff Interfacings. All fast2fuse products have fusible web on both sides, while Timtex is designed to be sewed.

So spread the good news, Timtex is back!

5 thoughts on “Welcome Back, We Missed You

  1. bernadette

    I’v never had occasion to use Timtex, but thanks for the good update. I have had other favorite interfacings disappear over my sewing years and it is often difficult to find good replacements.

  2. Carrie

    That is good news! I know many people were upset about not being able to purchase it.
    I personally am too cheap to buy it I guess, LOL. I always use Fuse-a-Shade which is nice and stiff and comes 60 wide.
    I’ll have to tell my Mom tho- she loves Timtex =)

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