The Joker Fairy

Halloween is getting very close and even though I’ve already purchased all my materials for Easton’s costume, I still needed to get something for Taylor (I told Taylor that even if she doesn’t go trick-or-treating this year, I’m making her one, just in case she changes her mind or goes to a party). After pouring over pattern books, Taylor selected Simplicity 2875, view A – a bad fairy costume, and a pair of neon green and black striped tights. Keeping with the green theme, I picked out the following fabrics and a few notions:

For this costume, I selected neon green and purple satin and tulle, black pleather, and a novelty melted black lurex fabric for the wings (I had also used this same material for Taylor’s Zombie Bride costume two years ago). I (proudly) came home with my purchase and showed everyone what I had picked out… that’s when Bret pointed out that her costume is in the Joker colors! Oh well, at least I know the color combination will work together. I’ll be starting these October 1 so they will qualify for Pattern Review‘s Costume Contest (and crossing my fingers I get them done in time for Halloween).
I also took in some ‘retail therapy’ and found the most adorable pair of pajama pants and matching slippers. I love my lounge pants!

2 thoughts on “The Joker Fairy

  1. Sarah

    Great swap package. I can’t wait to see Taylor’s costume! I made that same frog costume for Aidan (sans crown) when he was 2. Or is Easton going to be the lion? Is the green fabric for the ISpy bag?
    Aidan is going as a mummy. No patterns for that, though. I’m winging it with fleece, harem cloth and tea to age the harem cloth!

  2. bernadette

    Purple is always a great foil for green, no Joker needed. The costume will be terrific.
    It must be fall – I bought new furry slippers today and tossed last year’s really worn out ones. Very satisfying for some reason. It’s still way too warm here for fuzzy slippers, however.

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