First off, thanks to everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I had a nice day – we went to brunch, ate some cake, Bret saved us from a snake in the yard… I even had the chance to make it into the sewing room for a bit. One thing I worked on was an item for my Office swap package.

One thing my partner wanted was a Schrute Farms Beets shirt. Here’s my version:

Unfortunately, I had to use a white shirt (apparently, Michael’s carries every color under the rainbow except gray) so it’s a bit different than the inspiration. However, it’s not a bad ‘knock-off’. To give it the spray paint look I used Simply Spray and some oil board lettering stencils. This is my third time working with this product and although it gave me the ‘overspray’ results I was looking for (although a bit too much), I’m not sure how much I’ll be using it in the future. I still find it hard to control the amount of paint that is dispensed and the excess paint pools on top of the stencils horribly. It was fine for this shirt but I can’t see how to fix this problem if I was looking to make something ‘clean’ looking. Anyone have some experience with this product that can give me a few pointers?

4 thoughts on “Overspray

  1. sewer-sewist

    Absolutely freakin’ brilliant! (I’m terrible with any sort of spray paint, so I can’t offer advice about technique—but it’s incredibly awesome nonetheless.)

  2. Mae

    I have never worked with this product or tried this technique, but I wonder if somehow securing some terry cloth or other absorbant medium on top of the stencil would help. Obviously you would have to cut out the openings which would be even more work…

  3. Jacqui

    Looks great! While I’ve spray painted many things, I’ve never worked on fabric. BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!

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