Happy Stacker

After several weeks of having the Happy Stacker stare at me on my sewing table, I finally decided to get started on it last night. Although it looks rather uncomplicated, after reading though this pattern, it’s going to be a project that takes awhile to construct – the fabric and pattern cutting alone took me an entire night! One thing that I did do to make the process go a bit faster… ironed the interfacing to the material before cutting. According to the directions, the interfacing should be applied at a 45 degree angle to the grain line of the fabric to keep the doughnut shape round. I may have ‘wasted’ more fabric by adding the interfacing to the material first, but it allowed me to keep the grain lines of the material and interfacing aligned properly and saved me some cutting time. Now the hard part, lots of circular and hand sewing!

5 thoughts on “Happy Stacker

  1. Ellena Oglesby

    I was just talking with a friend about this pattern today, I have not purchased it yet, but we also wondered what would be used for the pole, I am guessing a dowel
    I hope that you will post pics of yours finished. I enjoy your blog and read via of google reader to keep up
    Thanks for the helpful hints, I would probably not have thought to apply the intefacing before cutting those circles

  2. stacy

    The pole is actually just a stuffed fabric cone! I really like this idea since it should hold it’s shape if you stuff firmly and be safe enough so that you can’t hurt yourself if you would fall (or chew) on it!

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