Sewing The Lining, Headaches Part 2?

After the difficulty I had working with the Everything Bag’s divider panel the other day, I really wasn’t looking forward to tackling the lining (warning: swap spoiler’s ahead, so no peeking if you’re my partner).

Thankfully, things went together a bit more smoothly and I was able to put the entire lining together in an evening:

Let me stress – cut precisely! I think that I was a bit off on my pocket panels (I may have added an inch to the length?) because it looks as if my pockets will come up much higher than the photograph in the book. By the time I realized this, I had sewn most of the lining together and decided against ripping it all apart. Hopefully, this won’t effect my sewing later on. I believe the hardest part is over – the rest of the bag should whip up fairly quickly!

2 thoughts on “Sewing The Lining, Headaches Part 2?

  1. Anary

    Oh my..why sometimes we have so much trouble with something we have done quite a few times? Gezz..I am sure you’ll zapt the rest of the bag in blink!
    On the other hand..this picture made me LOL. It looks like a lip with the tongue almost sticking out out…I know I should get some breakfast..I am halucianting..hahah. I am sure in the end, with a gorgeous purse and a happy partner, YOU will be the one ticking your tongue out for all the sewing troubles!

  2. Meg

    Oh my gosh, this reminds me that I do need to practice my cutting skills. I get out of practice and pay for it later. You have the patience of Job!

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