Step One Headaches

Have you ever worked on a project that you swear is cursed? I think I may have found one….. (swap spoilers ahead)

I spent the greater part of an evening attempting to figure out step 1 to the Everything Bag. Even though I finally finished the divider panel, I didn’t follow the directions – mostly because I really had a hard time figuring out what I needed to do initially. I think if I had to do it over again, I could correctly assemble the divider, but don’t quote me on it! Here’s where I left off:

Why the difficulty? I think there’s several reasons, some of which are my fault:
1) According to the book, the Everything Bag is a 4 out 5 on the difficulty scale (so not the easiest project, but not the hardest either). I think that going into this project, I really underestimated how hard this bag would be to construct. There’s nothing like going into something thinking it will be easy to sew and finding out otherwise midway into the project.
2) Sloppy cutting. I’ll admit it, I didn’t take as much time carefully cutting out each piece and each layer. Preciseness makes a difference. Oh yes, and make sure you have enough material for the lining – I didn’t measure my stashed lining fabric only to find out that I didn’t have enough for the divider. Thankfully, I had some red material on hand and was able to make one from a complementary color.
3) The directions (or at least the ones for the panel) are difficult to understand. Even though I kept reading them over, I never fully understood what I needed to do. I’m not sure if this is the directions fault, or if adding a ‘floating’ divider panel to a bag is such a new (and foreign) concept that I need to try it a few times before I ‘get it’.
4) Substitution of materials. The material list calls for fusible Peltex to make the inner divider panel stiff. As much as I tried to find some, my local storesjust didn’t have it at the time, so I used ‘regular’ Peltex and some quilting spray adhesive. This isn’t really a great substitution (the quilting spray doesn’t really stick well and will eventually ‘slide’ around) and caused a bit of a headache. Looking back on it, I should have just taken the time to baste the layers of Peltex together!

3 thoughts on “Step One Headaches

  1. Lindsay T

    Cursed projects, you say? I will never be able to look at the sweet little dress I just made for my 3-year-old niece without thinking it’s POSSESSED! Everything that could go wrong did, it almost killed my sewing machine, and I haven’t screamed this much since giving birth.

  2. Sara

    What book is this from?? It looks interesting. I was wondering if I owned the book. I own most every other book in the universe!!
    Love your blog.

  3. Jennie C.

    I totally HATE it when I can’t figure something like this out. I know that the second time I make it I’ll take half the time and it just freaks me out when I can’t figure it out the first time!

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