Iron-Fisted Dictator

Generally on Wednesday nights, I sit down and start my Linky Thursday post. I had good intentions of getting it together last night, but sleep got the better of me. Now that I’m feeling (sort of) rested, I think I’ll be able to pull it together for tomorrow’s post. In the mean time, I’m showing off Easton’s new hat!

Alright, I’ll admit it, it looks like something like Castro would wear, but it’s so darn cute. The rest of the hat went together well, but it is extremely bulky in some areas – so much so that in the initial ‘fitting’, the hat just sat on Easton’s head. After trimming the seams, it fits much better, but is still too small – I’ll need to make another one (in thinner material) that will take him into late fall. And now, for an action shot:

I think I need to make him a shirt that reads “Obey Me” or use Max Barry’s idea, “Iron-Fisted Dictator” (as he describes his two year old daughter), to complete Easton’s look!

10 thoughts on “Iron-Fisted Dictator

  1. bernadette

    Easton obviously loves it! He’s a great model too – so winning.
    Maybe he has a teddy bar who wants to wear that small hat? (That’s how we used to “stretch out” enjoying the cuteness of favorite baby clothes as our kids outgrew them. LOL. )

  2. Jeannie W.

    Since I’m Cuban-American, I feel I can comment with some authority. LOL, it’s not Castro like at all. Easton looks adorable!!

  3. Gwen

    Easton is going to have to lose the smile and practice some stern looks if he wants to be mistaken for a dictator… The hat is very cute – but, frankly, everything pales in comparison to Easton! 😉

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