Linky Thursday

A fun quiz geared toward a quilter, but would work for anyone who sews – Are You A Fabriholic? [link via Craft Gossip]
What to do when you don’t have enough batting.
Celebrity DIY Style: Sharon Stone’s Easy Summer Dress
Threadbanger has their own line of sewing machines!
A new Sew Forth Now podcast is up.
I’ve been seeing a lots of candy wrapper bags again so I did some searching and found a tutorial. This one looks to be the best.
Burda Style has a new free pattern out – Margo. The nice thing about this one…. it’s plus size!
According to CraftStylish, the best beginner book is Singer’s Simple Sewing Guide. I’m not sure that’s the book that I would have picked. What’s your thoughts?
Move over Build-a-Bear, Karl Lagerfeld immortalizes himself as a teddy.
I’m keeping this in mind for Christmas: Napkins and Matching Rings.
How to declutter your stash.
I love this quilt. It looks complicated, but it’s made from a ‘cheater’ print!

3 thoughts on “Linky Thursday

  1. Sheila

    Once again– great links and you gave me what I was looking for! I saw some Candy Wrapper purses in the M&M’s store in Vegas a few weeks ago. Made a mental note to look for a tut and haven’t had the time. You must be able to read minds! By the way, they were a few hundred dollars!! Thanks!

  2. Vickie

    Oh my goodness!! The Candy Wrapper purse is a blast from the past! Years and years ago when I was in junior high, my friends and I used to make chains from gum wrappers. Our preferred wrappers were Doublemint, Juicyfruit and an occasional Fruitstripe. Mine was yards and yards long. I haven’t seen it in years! Hmm -I wonder if it is still at my Mom’s house???

  3. bernadette

    When I was a pre-teen, we used to make the gum wrapper chains to be as tall as the boy we had a crush on, and then give it to him. That part often presented a problem since the boys were, of course, oblivious to our designs on them.
    Idea: If you prefer a silver handbag – turn appropriate food bags inside out before folding the units.

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