Big Blocks

If you’re ever looking for a quick project for a baby, I highly suggest blocks. I have never made anything like this before and I was really surprised at how easy (and fast) it was to make a set. Initially, I had intended on making a few from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches, but after reading the materials list, I noticed that I didn’t have any foam on hand so I decided to try this one instead. The directions call for cutting a 4″ square, but since I was working with characters from the First Sight panel, I had to make the pieces larger. Once sewn, my cube is 5″ – quite large… I image it’s about the size of the dice you see on the Price Is Right for the HighLow car game. These cubes are also filled with polyfill and are more difficult to stack than what I image Amy’s version is. I definitely plan on making a set in the future with her directions and some different fabrics once Easton gets older. In the mean time, I’m in the works on a smaller set of blocks (3 1/2″ cube finished).

4 thoughts on “Big Blocks

  1. MelissaB

    Those are so cute! I actually thought that would make a great baby gift when I saw them the first time on the MM tute (which, by the way, my sister’s friend Joanna wrote for MM – small world huh?).

  2. sharon

    These are very cute Stacy! Especially out of that fabric. I remember making stuffed blocks like these in the late 70s – first for my kids and then to sell at craft fairs. However, I *know* I didn’t have cute fabric like that to use 🙂

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