I never tackled any sewing yesterday, but I did have a fantastic time with my best friend…. we went wedding dress shopping! We looked through a ton of photos and she tried on a few dresses, but think we all agreed that this one was our favorite:

I noticed the styles have really changed over the last two years. Still lots of strapless looks and most have great details (this one has a corset back and rhinestone along the edges of the material) somewhere on the dress. Bridesmaid dresses are all over the board from a 1960’s Jackie O design and a ruffled trapeze dress to more traditional looks (this one was our favorite).

6 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Blakely

    This is a beautiful wedding dress. My wedding dress had a side design and I loved it. It made the dress look different. I picked the second dress I tried on at the only store I went to.

  2. Corinne

    would you mind sharing the style number and designer of that dress? or the shop you found it in? its gorgeous!

  3. stacysews

    Corrine, I’ll have to ask who makes the dress because I’m unsure who it is now but we did find it at Uniquely You (Central and Tyler strip mall).

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