Felted & Omissions

Quite awhile ago, I purchased a wool sweater with the intention of making something from Betz White’s Warm Fuzzies. It’s taken me this long to finally get around to felting it, here’s my results:

Now that it’s felted, it’s wonderfully thick and fuzzy – although a bit too fuzzy. I borrowed a sweater shaver from my mother so I can reduce some of the pills and fur so that you can see the pattern on the wool better. Now, I’ve got to determine what project to whip up – I’m leaning toward the bomber hat or journal.
By the way, yesterday I was in such a rush to put up my post I forgot to mention two FANTASTIC contests:
The Sewer-Sewist is giving away a copy of Alabama Stitch Book. I’ve been thinking of getting this on for awhile now, so I’m crossing my fingers that my name gets drawn for this one!
U-Handbag has a HUGE lot of bag handles and gorgeous fabric up for grabs. Just looking at it all makes me want to sew up a purse.

2 thoughts on “Felted & Omissions

  1. Anne

    Thanks for the contest links! BTW, a while back, I felted a wool sweater my DD hadn’t worn in yeeearrss! But when DD saw what I’d done to her sweater, she was a bit peeved. I know for sure she’d never have worn the sweater again because she’d outgrown it anyway, but maybe I’ll make something DD will love out of her old sweater after reading about your creative ideas.

  2. Meg

    Oh gosh, that handbag booty contest is so tempting.
    I NEVER thought of making something new from a felted sweater! That is definitely thinking outside…..nope, I just can’t say it. That cliche is getting shelved.
    Let’s say that THAT is a new idea. I just love smart people.

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