With all the sewing sweatshopping I’ve been doing, I haven’t had a chance to post my latest swap goodies. On Monday, a second package arrived from my Christmas Stashbuster swap partner. A knitted headband for Taylor! She wasn’t able to finish up this one before sending her package out, so she mailed it off when she was done knitting. No doubt Taylor will be wearing this soon as she loves comfy headbands.
A second package arrived the same day, this one with my swap onesies!

While talking with my partner, we discovered we both love video games (although my playtime has been greatly diminished lately) so she made several shirts with a gamer theme: one that reads, “My generation will never know what it is like to be better than our parents at video games”, another that spells out GAMER in baby blocks, and a Grand Theft Auto tribute shirt that says “I stole this shirt”. She also embroidered a “MOM” tattoo emblem, and painted an adorable Ninja Baby onesie. I loved them so much, I put Easton in one already!

2 thoughts on “Packages

  1. Karen in Wichita

    I have a pack of plain white onesies for my sister and her twins, and I am *so* stealing the “My generation” and “GAMER” ideas for them.
    (Hopefully I’ll get to it before the yet-to-be-born twins are out of onesies…)

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