Skirt Apron Complete

Check out my new apron:

I absolutely love it! This pattern really looks great the more fabrics you use (both sides have 3 different fabrics) and it really shows off the prints you’re using. My favorite part of this apron is the bias binding – I adore this print. I wish I would have cut more so I could quickly whip up another kitchen project, but I’ll have to go back to cutting mat and iron and make more first.
Now I’m excited to see the projects Hoodie posted about recently. Apparently, she’s going to release them as You Tube tutorials!

8 thoughts on “Skirt Apron Complete

  1. gaylen

    OMG Stacey! I love, love, love that apron. I’m so not into wearing aprons – but that is one I would put on and cook. Love it. No, really, I love it 🙂 g

  2. Kate S

    antstic fabric choices- love how you used a geometric print with the teapot fabrics. I looks kinda retro/ 1950’s style.
    I wouldn’t want to take it off either.

  3. Kate S

    Fantstic fabric choices!!! Love how you used the geometric prints and teapot fabrics together. It looks kinda retro in a 1950’s (I think) style.
    I wouldn’t want to take it off either if I had one of these.

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