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End Of Summer

Summer is officially over! Taylor started back to school today and can legitimately say she is a 6th grader now. Now it’s just Easton and I at the house and it’s really quiet. Speaking of Easton, are you tired of seeing altered onesises yet? I hope not, because I have one more for you…..

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Another Round

With all the onesie making going on here, I couldn’t resist making one for Easton. As you can see the dying left the onesie sort of dark grey – it’s a good color, but definitely not black. I’m really not sure what you have to do to achieve that color, short of either making your own shirtromper or just breaking down and buying pre-made. It’s a tribute to the 30-second bunny movie, Pulp Fiction (if you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out – it’s hilarious)

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Power Up

Every year, right before school starts, Taylor and I have a day where we hang out, see a movie, go out to eateat junk food, etc.. Saturday was our day, because, believe it or not, school starts on Wednesday! Needless to say, not much crafting was going on, but I did manage to make one onesie for my Week of Baby Onesies swap (so no peaking if you’re my partner)!

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In The Mail

My postal woman has been working overtime delivering packages to my house! Not only did two of my swap packages arrive, but also my Poloko (deluxe even!) that I won from Funky Finds:

Poloko was made by Fluffels – an absolutely amazing plush site in the Netherlands. If you frequent Craftster, you may recognize their fantastic winning plush entry, Zombie Bear. She also has an etsy shop where she sells Fluffels kits. Poloko is now sharing a shelf with Plucky.
My first swap package was I <3 sewing.

Winstongang put this one together – she must have sneaked into my sewing room because she selected some notions that I was in dire need of. First I received a cute needle card (my current hand needles are too thin to work with), baby buttons, a new tracing wheel and paper (one of the spikes on my current tracing wheel is bent which always messes up my paper), and an adorable new pincushion. The pattern is for sewing room accessories which I will eventually put to good use. There is also 3 different fabrics – a seersucker-ish fabric, a novelty flannel, and an adorable dot cotton print. Lastly, she made a lined tote! Taylor took off with it yesterday as she said it was the perfect size for her belongings when she goes to cheer practice.

The second package was from Kayrun for the Christmas in July Stashbuster swap. The premise of this swap was to create gifts for your partner’s friends and family using nothing but the supplies in your stash (I hope there’s more, I really enjoyed this one, although it didn’t make a dent in my stash!). Inside my box was a book and mini stocking for Easton (she even had a book stash!), arm warmers for Taylor (who happened to see these, immediately put them on and wore them for hours – I guess they won’t be a Christmas gift after all), dish rags (it’s hard to see the details, but the pink one has a crown on it, adorable), and a knitted tote. The tote hasn’t been claimed yet, but it’s only because I’ve hidden it!
Now it’s time to concentrate on my two upcoming swaps – A Week of Baby Onesies and Another Pincushion Swap. Both of these are fairly low pressure so I’ll be able to work on other projects (so long as Easton decides to sleep) as well!

Skirt Apron Complete

Check out my new apron:

I absolutely love it! This pattern really looks great the more fabrics you use (both sides have 3 different fabrics) and it really shows off the prints you’re using. My favorite part of this apron is the bias binding – I adore this print. I wish I would have cut more so I could quickly whip up another kitchen project, but I’ll have to go back to cutting mat and iron and make more first.
Now I’m excited to see the projects Hoodie posted about recently. Apparently, she’s going to release them as You Tube tutorials!

Linky Thursday

A new sewing magazine will soon be hitting the racks – Sew Hip. The bad news, it’s UK publication, the good news, you can subscribe no matter where you live (the first issue sounds great)!
I’m keeping this tutorial in mind for the next time I do a swap – Tri-fold Tea Wallet.
Great step-by-step directions (with photos) for the Curacao Swimsuit.
More Japanese translations from label-free.
I’m going to start looking for cute socks to make a few Sock Monkeys. [link via Whip Up]
Did you see that Amy Butler has 2 new fabric lines available? August Fields and her Solid Collection should be available in most stores. She’s also released an eco-friendly gift and party line and 2 free quilting patterns!
Nicole Mallalieu has another cute new pattern out – and you have a chance to win the Teardrop Purse kit to celebrate it’s release! Even if I don’t win this one, I’m seriously thinking of buying this pattern.
The new Craft magazine hit the stands this week…. You can preview the issue with their digital viewer here (and snag yourself a tutorial for making a ruffle dress).
This empire waist tube top pattern is adorable, it looks like something out of an Anthropologie catalog. [link via Thimble]
Your favorite Project Runway contestant’s websites reviewed. By the way, is Austin Scarlett YSL’s clone? While we’re on the subject of PR, Bravo plans on replacing it with a new fashion series – Fashion House.
I don’t own an ipod nano, but if I did, I’d definitely make this cover. [link via Whip Up]
Celebrity DIY Style: T-Shirt Dress
The Sewing Republic has two new projects up – A shower curtain and Oven Mitts.
Make your own stylish pillowcase.

Cutting The Skirt Apron

If you remember from my post a few days ago, the fabric that I’m working with for Hoodie’s Collection Skirt Apron is a bit smaller than what the pattern calls for. How should you handle this?

Fold the material according to the layout directions (make sure the selvage edges are even) and lay the pattern so that rounded edges are next to the selvage and that the apron middle hangs off the edge of the material – about 1 1/2-2 inches. Pin in place and cut. When doing this, be sure to take off the same amount (1 1/2-2 inches) when cutting the waistband piece as well. The rest of the pattern pieces can be cut as directed.
I’ll have the completed project photo ready on Friday!

I Hit The Mother Lode

Look what I got!

I did a personal swap last week with Whoopdedoo… In exchange for a couple of pear pincushions (I didn’t bother to take photos of them, I figured you all are tired of seeing them), she sent me some WONDERFUL batch of novelty fabrics – even kids prints! I think there is plenty of Cars and Batman fabric that I can make a couple of more pairs of booties!
Speaking of fabric, I am still waiting on the star print I ordered from Premier Prints. I know that this is the manufacturer of the fabric and it didn’t say it was out of stock, so I’m a bit surprised that it hasn’t arrived yet (or am I just being to anxious?). Has anyone ordered from them before?

Check Out My Bootie(s)

Bret and Taylor had a great time at their tournament yesterday – they braved 100+ temperatures and took home second place! I kept busy while they were gone – when Easton napped, I worked on a project from Little Stitches…baby booties. Fortunately, I didn’t have to head out for supplies since earlier in the week I had anticipated sewing this up and purchased the fusible fleece that the pattern calls for and had decided to use the fat quarters that I recently won from Rockin Smockin‘s contest so I was able to take full advantage of my time.
The pattern itself is multi-sized (0-3 mo, 3-6 mo, 6-9 mo, 9-12 mo) and only has 2 pieces. I’ve never worked with a shoe pattern before so I found myself reading the directions over several times before I finally figured out what I was going to be doing I have to admit, the first shoe took twice as long as the second and now that I’ve constructed it twice, I think I could crank out several pairs in no time! The only modification that I made to the design was omitting the sew in velcro and replaced it with an iron on version (I highly recommend this product it’s easy and the Velcro strengthens with washing!). Of course there’s the real test – having Easton try them on:

As you can tell from the photo on the left he looked at them at first and thought “What the heck did you put on my feet?” Of course, after he figured it out, he loved them. So far, so does everyone else – they are going to be perfect for keeping his feet warm and they stay on his feet even after lots of kicking!