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Felted & Omissions

Quite awhile ago, I purchased a wool sweater with the intention of making something from Betz White’s Warm Fuzzies. It’s taken me this long to finally get around to felting it, here’s my results:

Now that it’s felted, it’s wonderfully thick and fuzzy – although a bit too fuzzy. I borrowed a sweater shaver from my mother so I can reduce some of the pills and fur so that you can see the pattern on the wool better. Now, I’ve got to determine what project to whip up – I’m leaning toward the bomber hat or journal.
By the way, yesterday I was in such a rush to put up my post I forgot to mention two FANTASTIC contests:
The Sewer-Sewist is giving away a copy of Alabama Stitch Book. I’ve been thinking of getting this on for awhile now, so I’m crossing my fingers that my name gets drawn for this one!
U-Handbag has a HUGE lot of bag handles and gorgeous fabric up for grabs. Just looking at it all makes me want to sew up a purse.

Linky Thursday

Alison Kelly (from Project Runway 3) has joined the BurdaStyle team. Check out her first two projects: a pillowcase to nightie, and a back to school headband.
Make your checkbook cover more fashionable with this Prettier Checkbook Tutorial. [link via iHanna’s Creative Space]
I’ve got to head out to the bookstore soon – these holiday cupcake ornaments are too cute!
A fabric stash giveaway (and a belt tutorial link too). Hurry this one ends midnight on Friday. [link via Craft Gossip]
This year, while going back to school shopping, I noticed that Target was selling recycled Kool-Aid and Capri Sun pencil bags. Now you can make your own.
How to repurpose and old towel.
It really has nothing to do with sewing, but I always love Funky Finds monthly giveaways
I adore monkeys and stuffies, so this free pattern for Molly Monkey doll is definitely right up my alley! [link via Craft]
Have a great project that costs under $40 to make? Submit your idea to Venus Zine’s 4th Annual Craft-Off Contest and you could win some (undisclosed) prizes!
My sewing room could always use more baskets. I’m thinking of using this tutorial to make some.


With all the sewing sweatshopping I’ve been doing, I haven’t had a chance to post my latest swap goodies. On Monday, a second package arrived from my Christmas Stashbuster swap partner. A knitted headband for Taylor! She wasn’t able to finish up this one before sending her package out, so she mailed it off when she was done knitting. No doubt Taylor will be wearing this soon as she loves comfy headbands.
A second package arrived the same day, this one with my swap onesies!

While talking with my partner, we discovered we both love video games (although my playtime has been greatly diminished lately) so she made several shirts with a gamer theme: one that reads, “My generation will never know what it is like to be better than our parents at video games”, another that spells out GAMER in baby blocks, and a Grand Theft Auto tribute shirt that says “I stole this shirt”. She also embroidered a “MOM” tattoo emblem, and painted an adorable Ninja Baby onesie. I loved them so much, I put Easton in one already!

6 In The Shop

I’ve been spending all of my ‘spare’ time working on aprons (or sleeping, I forgot how much I like sleep now that I have a baby again!) and I’m happy to report I have 6 Superhero Aprons in my shop. If you’ve been wanting a Wonder Woman inspired apron of your own, now’s the time to pick one up!
Now, it’s time to catch up on some laundry, clean the house before company comes this weekend, read my latest book, catch up on email and blogs (as I am severely behind), and maybe take a nap before I settle on my next project.

Over The Weekend

What do you get when you have 6 skirt panels, 6 lame emblems, 6 belts, 12 bodice pieces, and 24 straps? All the makings for several superhero aprons. As you can tell, I spent much of my free time this weekend cutting – lots and lots of cutting (I’ll spare the photos as it looks like piles of red, blue, and gold fabric). Now that it’s all behind me, I’m ready to start the sewing.
I did start making a pincushion for my latest swap. I settled on the Wild Flower pattern for my partner since it seemed to fit some of my partner’s preferences. I’ll have it completed along with photos and pattern review tomorrow. But for now, it’s back to the sweatshop to get those aprons sewn up!

Thinking Pincushions

I’ve joined another swap, this one creating a pincushion for your partner. Since partners were assigned on Thursday, I’ve spent some time ‘researching’. Here’s some of the fun ones that were new to me:
An adorable hedgehog. After thinking about it for awhile, I thought maybe someone should create a porcupine, it would definitely be more appropriate!
The Hand-y Pincushion – it reminds me of Thing from the Addams Family. [link via Craft]
Recycle a tin can and turn it into a pincushion.
Heather Bailey’s (updated) Square Deal pincushion pattern.
High on my ‘must make list’, the Wild Flower pincushion using Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics. [link via Whip Up]
How did I miss a book devoted entirely to pincushions? I almost purchased Pretty Little Pincushions the other day, but figured by the time it got here, decided on a project, and purchased my supplies it would be getting too close to the swap deadline. The author does have some free tutorials and an inspiration gallery that can be found here.

Win A New Machine

In need of a new machine? Threadbanger has the solution for you! Submit your most creative DIY video tutorial (the more creative the better chance of winning) and you would win a Janome sewing machine or serger. This contest will have two winners, so get out there and start taping! Visit here for full contest rules. Good Luck!

A Bit Of A Diversion

At the beginning of this month, my sister-in-law and niece came for a visit. Since it was so hot outside, we opted to do a fun indoor activity – pottery painting! Even though I had picked up our pieces, I neglected to post our finished products:

The mug on the left is Taylor’s and mine is the massive red polka dotted one. I’ve been using it for morning coffee almost every day since!
Up next on the Bernina, a pincushion for my latest swap, oh yes, and lots of aprons.

Linky Thursday

Don’t forget to post your skirt photos in this month’s sew along. Need a quick pattern to sew up? Try this Skirt in a Jiffy Pattern. [link via Innovative Sewing]
Nothing’s better than free patterns – Vogue will give you one just for visiting their site. [link via Adventures from the Sewing Studio]
Win a copy of the new book, Naughty Secretary Club.
Celebrity DIY Style: Vests.
Now your drinks can be dressed in designer ‘clothes’ too.
Stay in style this fall, find out what’s hot and what’s not.
A great tutorial on how to insert a concealed top edge bag zipper. While you’re there, be sure to read Lisa’s meet up with Amy Butler at her book signing.
Go back to school in style, make your own fabric covered binder. [link via Sew Mama Sew]
Make yourself an obi belt with a fat quarter.
I know I have a lot of projects to work on, but I really love the idea of participating in a virtual craft book club. The first book, The Big-Ass Book of Crafts
The new Ottobre comes out in two weeks – here’s a preview of the cover and what’s inside.
With as many swaps as what I do, I need to make myself a Post Office Bag. [link via Whip Up]
If stretch fabrics frustrate you, then be sure to check out these great knit tips.
A new open-source, downloadable pattern site, Pamoyo[link via BurdaStyle]