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On The Cutting Table

It’s a long weekend – Taylor is away at Table Rock with a friend and her family, Easton is napping (he’s exchanged is 30 minute cat naps for 1 1/2-2 hour snoozes), and Bret doing a variety of projects which leaves me plenty of time for sewing… or at least lots of prep-work for sewing! On the table right now are two items for Easton: Amy Butler’s Military Style Hat from Little Stitches for Little Ones and Heather Bailey’s Happy Stacker and a pincushion for myself from Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle. The first two projects are up on the sidebar for you to check out the details and I’ll have a book review of Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle tomorrow. In the mean time, have a great long weekend and happy sewing!

New Pincushion

One of the best parts of a swap is receiving your package – it’s like Christmas in the mail! This weekend, my pincushion arrived:

I had asked for a relatively large pincushion since most of mine are on the smaller size – this one is a great size (it holds tons of pins). To make it even better, she placed industrial strength magnets on the bottom so that it doesn’t just hold pins, but also picks them up! She was also sweet enough to send me the extra material!

What’s In The Box?

I’ve got to stop opening mail from fabric companies. I was lured into visiting recently because of the $3.95 shipping and look what arrived:

Alright, the baby wasn’t shipped in the box, but we sure had fun playing in it last night! Actually here’s what my order looked like:

I couldn’t resist picking up a few prints from Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s Market line. I recently saw an etsy listing for a box pouch by ReFabulous (which I fell in love with) that reminded me a lot of Sandi’s apple print so I snagged several yards with the intention of making several box pouches for Christmas gifts (a good tutorial can be found here). I also purchased a whitegold sweater knit – any good patterns come to mind for it?

Linky Thursday

A fun quiz geared toward a quilter, but would work for anyone who sews – Are You A Fabriholic? [link via Craft Gossip]
What to do when you don’t have enough batting.
Celebrity DIY Style: Sharon Stone’s Easy Summer Dress
Threadbanger has their own line of sewing machines!
A new Sew Forth Now podcast is up.
I’ve been seeing a lots of candy wrapper bags again so I did some searching and found a tutorial. This one looks to be the best.
Burda Style has a new free pattern out – Margo. The nice thing about this one…. it’s plus size!
According to CraftStylish, the best beginner book is Singer’s Simple Sewing Guide. I’m not sure that’s the book that I would have picked. What’s your thoughts?
Move over Build-a-Bear, Karl Lagerfeld immortalizes himself as a teddy.
I’m keeping this in mind for Christmas: Napkins and Matching Rings.
How to declutter your stash.
I love this quilt. It looks complicated, but it’s made from a ‘cheater’ print!

Where Have I Been?

Wow, am I out of it. I opened up my mailbox and was surprised to see my Burda Easy Fashion had arrived. Normally, I’m stalking the website for a preview, but I suppose I don’t have as much computer and sewing time as what I used to! I’m sort of on the fence with this one, I love the jackets and the tunics are alright, but I really don’t see myself in any of their pants and I’m not that great at knitting that I can whip up one of their dresses. The free download is cute, though.
As far as sewing goes, I did mange to whip up 3 ‘little’ blocks yesterday. While they are much smaller than the ones I showed you yesterday, they are still too big for Easton to handle (the finished size is 3 1/2″ and it takes 2 hands for him to hold them). When I make these again, I’m going to shoot for a finished size of 2″.

Big Blocks

If you’re ever looking for a quick project for a baby, I highly suggest blocks. I have never made anything like this before and I was really surprised at how easy (and fast) it was to make a set. Initially, I had intended on making a few from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches, but after reading the materials list, I noticed that I didn’t have any foam on hand so I decided to try this one instead. The directions call for cutting a 4″ square, but since I was working with characters from the First Sight panel, I had to make the pieces larger. Once sewn, my cube is 5″ – quite large… I image it’s about the size of the dice you see on the Price Is Right for the HighLow car game. These cubes are also filled with polyfill and are more difficult to stack than what I image Amy’s version is. I definitely plan on making a set in the future with her directions and some different fabrics once Easton gets older. In the mean time, I’m in the works on a smaller set of blocks (3 1/2″ cube finished).

It’s A Start

It seems as if the weekend got away from us so I didn’t get in a lot of sewing. I did, however, manage to make one small thing. I used a character from Michael Miller’s First Sight panel to create a small stuffie for Easton.

I’m not sure if he likes it, right now he spends most of his time swiping it off the table or dropping it to the side of his chair. Up next, fabric blocks and balls!

Miscellaneous Ramblings

It seems like there has been lots of odds and ends going on here this past week so I thought it was time for a ‘rambling’ post! First off, I noticed the Holiday issue of Sew News is out – I have two patterns in this one, both for holiday card holders (one for Christmas and another for Hanukkah).
I was a bit disappointed that my Heather Bailey pattern order didn’t arrive this week. I was planning on making it my next sewing project, so it looks like I’ll be making these instead. Has anyone who ordered patterns during their early bird special receive theirs?
There’s a new pattern up at The Sewing Republic – the luggage tag. Speaking of, Handmade Kate gave a bit of a sneak preview of what she made for the site…. I’m thinking I may have to do the same this week!
Big changes coming up in our house….Bret’s last few days at his current job is this week and will start his new one September 1 – where he’ll be working from home. I wonder if this will effect my daytimeEatson napping sewing?


I never tackled any sewing yesterday, but I did have a fantastic time with my best friend…. we went wedding dress shopping! We looked through a ton of photos and she tried on a few dresses, but think we all agreed that this one was our favorite:

I noticed the styles have really changed over the last two years. Still lots of strapless looks and most have great details (this one has a corset back and rhinestone along the edges of the material) somewhere on the dress. Bridesmaid dresses are all over the board from a 1960’s Jackie O design and a ruffled trapeze dress to more traditional looks (this one was our favorite).