Linky Thursday

Ottobre Woman preview is up on the Wooly Thread. The pictures are too small to see the details, but I think I like the second top and the coat (not to mention the fabric in the first photo).
Starting tomorrow, You SEW Girl will be posting a month of tutorials. In the mean time, I’m bookmarking her Pyramid Purse Tutorial – these would make great gifts!
Two year’s ago I learned how to apply FOE (fold over elastic) and love it. Angry Chicken recently posted a great video tutorial on using this notion.
I couldn’t imagine doing this myself, but it’s an interesting concept – graffiti furniture (a.k.a magic markers on muslin).
A cute and easy wallet and coordinating checkbook cover. [link via Craft Gossip]
I’m currently working with Hoodie’s new collection of fabric, Morning Call, don’t they look gorgeous stacked up there? They would work perfectly for Craftster’s Happy Homemaker swap (yes, I’m thinking about doing this one!).
This Crafty Tool Belt is too cute – it’s almost like a pleated apron with a loop for your scissors! [link via Niki’s Ventures]
Craftzine’s free tutorial for a child size market bag.
Too bad Taylor is too old for dolls, otherwise I would make her one of these adorable Ruby dolls from One Red Robin’s free tutorial. I think I see one in my niece’s future…..
I’ve added another bag tutorial to my ‘must make list’ – Betsy Ross’ To Market purse. [link via label-free]

5 thoughts on “Linky Thursday

  1. Laura

    Just wanted to tell you I nominated your blog for an award over at my blog. You were one of my first “bloggy” inspirations. Thanks!

  2. Sarah

    Yeah….about the couch…If mine were white like hers, mine would look the same, only with less pictorial lines and more lines going back and forth (oh wait, I think I am starting to see circles), and actually we have graffiti art all over our house, sometimes in pencil, sometimes in marker, sometimes in food. Sometimes it’s even got a little texture to it aka sticky.
    Hey…well who knew I was sooo trendy!!
    So what newspaper wants to interview me?? Hey I’m up for the interview anytime, anytime that is but next week as I’m spending it with my two cub scouts a day camp! But yeah, sure come on out and interview me, like I said, anytime.

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