Japanese Craft

I’ve been giving some serious thought as to what kind of fabric I would like to use for some of my Amy Butler Little Stitches projects. One idea was to use some cute Japanese fabric (they always have fun themes like fairy tales and storybook characters) for a diaper bag. So while Easton was sleeping one afternoon, I spent time surfing sites like Superbuzzy, etsy, and eBay. While I didn’t buy any fabric, I did break down and purchase a new Japanese craft book – Fabric Toys to Make at Home (for ages 0-5).
It had some fabulous ideas for toys – the one that really got me was this one:

Plush toys that you ‘feed’! I couldn’t resist, I haven’t seen any patterns similar to this and thought it was a great idea. My other favorite:

Soft pull toys! Not only are you able to load them with items, but they look HUGE! I know it will be awhile before Easton will be able to use either one of these, but it gives me plenty of time to work on them. My book should be in the mail anytime this week (hopefully today) and I’m so excited to be able to check it out. Any other recommendations for Japanese craft books that I should know about (I think I’m hooked)?

6 thoughts on “Japanese Craft

  1. Dawn

    I want a bear to feed, please! I hope the reflux has improved and you’re all sleeping better Dx

  2. Shanna

    This is aweseome! I love the toys you feed. Darn it I am going to have to quit looking at your site because all I see is things to buy!

  3. Robin

    Oh my gosh! That book just looks too cute! And I think I’ll have to pick up the new Amy Butler book as well. So many projects– so little time! 🙂

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