Amy Butler’s Little Stitches For Little Ones

Let me start off by saying, when I found out that Amy Butler was writing a sewing for babies book, I was beyond excited. I had recently found out that I was pregnant and was envisioning all sorts of fabulous styles that I would be able to create for my newborn. So, when I saw that her website was selling the book (autographed) well before the anticipated release date (Little Stitches For Little Ones will be available at all retail locations in September, although it can be purchased at Amazon and in Amy’s shop now), I couldn’t help but buy one- immediately! My summary? In a nutshell, if I didn’t have a baby of my own right now, I’d have to borrow one (or encourage friends and family to expand their families) just so I could make some of the fabulous items out of Amy Butler’s latest book, Little Stitches.
Just as in her previous book, In Stitches, Little Stitches is spiral bound and contains sturdy paper patterns that are securely attached by an envelope in the front of the book. Additionally, there is a brief section on selecting fabrics for infants (which is important for comfort as well as style), how to take a baby’s measurements, and a glossary and techniques section which further illustrates methods used in the book (such as making and applying bias binding) . The rest of the book is devoted to the projects themselves.
Inside Little Stitches is 20 projects that are geared toward all levels of sewists – each project is labeled with a difficulty rating ranging from easiest (Brag Book,) to hardest (Quick Change Tabletop Set)… so there’s a little something for everyone inside. Most projects, however, are in the 2-4 difficulty range. These include some of my favorites: Kimono-Style PJs, Military Style Hat, The Everything Bag, Cheeky Monkey Laundry Bag, and Building Blocks with Take-Along Bag. Just as in her previous book and patterns, Amy’s instructions are written so that anyone can follow them – no technical language or jargon. They’re accompanied by lots of illustrations to help clarify steps and all patterns have a large photograph depicting the final product (so there’s lots of eye candy!).
Little Stitches is a beautiful book that encourages the sewer to create keepsake treasures for little ones – whether it be your own child or for someone else’s…making what Amy call’s ‘modern heirlooms’. I can’t wait to get started sewing up a few for my own children. Now if they would only nap so I could get some sewing done!

2 thoughts on “Amy Butler’s Little Stitches For Little Ones

  1. Shanna

    Yay! I had been checking for your review all weekend. I am surprised I have not seen more about this book floating around the net. I am sure you are not the only one with a copy.
    I have preordered it on Amazon since my daughter is already 12 months and a lot of the items are geared towards 12months and younger. But if it is anything like In Stitches it will be great. Just from the projects I have seen it makes me want another little one!

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