What Would We Do Without The Internet?

I have determined that I live in an un-crafty city. I am extremely thankful that I have a wonderful fabric shop that specializes in stretchknit material and if I am willing to drive an hour – one of the largest quilt shops in the country. However, when it comes to some other crafty ventures, things are tough to come by. Take yesterday, after a couple of hours searching several different stores (thankfully, Easton was very cooperative), I was unable to find citric acid for our bath bombs – I was barely able to find dead sea salts! Thank goodness for the internet – I was able to purchase several pounds (which should make plenty of bath bombs) for under $10 with shipping. While I was on the computer, I was also (finally) able to find my star material that I use for my superhero apron! I immediately ordered several yards so I should be set to make quite a few aprons in the very near future (can anyone say sweatshop?).
Now it’s time to have another cup of coffee, surf the net, and get to writing that book review for tomorrow’s post!

7 thoughts on “What Would We Do Without The Internet?

  1. Anary

    I just love this apron..It is surreal..actually more real…all woman are a super woman in her own capacity…aren’t we all?

  2. Cindy

    Stacy, our food co-op/health food store carries citric acid. If you’re in a pinch next time, try one in your area.
    Love the apron! It should be standard issue for every woman!

  3. Sewer-Sewist

    That is the most phenomenal apron ever! Seriously, it’s so absolutely fabulous that I don’t even have words to describe its awesomeness. (So, I kinda like Wonder Woman.)

  4. Kris C.

    I am definitely looking forward to hearing about the bath bombs. I don’t take baths myself – I’m a shower girl! – but I think those might make some great Christmas gifts.

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