Sewing Goodies Off To A New Home

It’s finished! My package for the I <3 to sew swap is in the mail and off to my partner. What was inside?

The rules for this swap were pretty simple – create one handmade item, a pattern (either a tutorial you created or something you like to sew that might be new to your partner), 2 yards of fabric, and 3-5 notions. So inside my box I placed: the knitting needle roll that I sewed up (note to self, I must make one for myself sometime soon), a swimsuit pattern – McCall 5400, 3/4 yard of purple swim lycra (so she can make her own suit), 1 yard of springy cotton (you may have seen me post this a few weeks ago, I thought my partner would enjoy it and use it way before I did), and 1/4 yard of dot fabric (she said polka dots are her favorite), a big box of buttons, the pear pincushion that matches the needle roll, 2 zippers (she requested them), and 2 yards of swimwear elastic. Whew!
I’m anxious to see what she thinks about the package, especially since she hasn’t sewn a swimsuit before. I’m hoping that this might get her started making her own!

4 thoughts on “Sewing Goodies Off To A New Home

  1. Megan

    You were the most fabulous partner I have ever had! Thank you so much for such a wonderful swap package!! I’m putting the finishing touches on your sewn item, and then I’m making myself something fun with that springy fabric- I’m thinking a bag!

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