On A Roll….

Last night I headed into my sewing room to start working on my stripe racerback tank. After spending time making sure the stripes lined up properly, I decided to avoid attaching the binding to the arms and neckline. I’m using the black jersey that ‘behaved badly’ for me when making McCall 5586 and didn’t care to deal with any headaches this fabric might give me this time around. Consequently, I opted to start a new project – something for my latest swap (so if my partner is reading this – no peeking)…..

There were several items that she had listed she wouldn’t mind receiving, one of them – a knitting needle roll. I thought this sounded like a fun project to work on, so I set to work. The toughest part of this item was trying to figure out what size to make it. I had scoured the internet for a good tutorial, but never found anything that I really liked, so I decided to ‘wing it’. I whipped out several of my own knitting needles (why I never made a roll for myself is beyond me), measured them, and decided to cut the material 14 x 18″. This gives me plenty of room across for several sets of needles and it’s long enough to accommodate their length plus a flap to keep them from falling out. Since this whole process took so long this is all I got finished last night:

Since my partner likes polka dots, I decided to use this cute multi-colored bubble print for the outside roll and pocket. For the inside lining, I found a nice (matching) linen. I still have lots of work to do on this one, but so far, it’s whipping into shape.

2 thoughts on “On A Roll….

  1. Kris C.

    Looks nice! I made knitting needle cases (and similar crochet hook cases) for Christmas presents one year – definitely a hit!

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