Flattering Swimwear

I saw this swimsuit pattern at Burda Style last week and fell in love. At this point in the summer, if I haven’t made a bathing suit, I probably won’t, but after seeing this retro look I’m reconsidering. Then I started reading blogs this morning and ran across Miss Celie’s post where is talking about making a muslin for this pattern (and in Wonder Woman style no less – I don’t care what your friends say, I love it. If you want to see Wonder Woman, check out this knitted version that I stumbled across yesterday.). Not sure what bathing style is right for you? Check out this three part series: For Full Figures, For Petites, For Special Quirks.

2 thoughts on “Flattering Swimwear

  1. Carrie

    Okay, maybe I’m just getting too old or something, but I think I prefer the black bathing suit version. LOL It’s a great design. I would NEVER in a million years attempt to sew a bathing suit, so I totally admire the fact that you can! Go girl!!

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