It’s well after noon and there’s still no post up…. that can only mean one thing – trouble! Actually, we spent all morning at the doctor’s office having him look at Taylor’s knee. She had injured it when she slid into home at her softball game and fortunately, she’s only strained all the ligaments. She’s not allowed to play until she can ‘run without pain’, which she’s hoping is soon because their tournament is next week and she’s also playing in a golf tournament with her dad on Sunday. In the mean time, she’s propping it up, watching the latest Ashley Tisdale movie, and surfing the internet – agh, to be 11 again!
As far as sewing goes, I guess it’s a scrap today. My Ottobre did arrive (although a bit mangled after our carrier has delivered it) so I suppose I’ll hang out in the air conditioning and enjoy browsing through it! I also get to start stalking my partner for the I <3 to sew swap – they were announced today and I’m very excited to get started! What are your plans for sewing today?

4 thoughts on “OUCH!

  1. Anne

    I am sorry to hear about Taylor’s knee. It’s amazing, though, how quickly young folks heal. I know she’ll be back on her feet in no time.

  2. MelissaB

    Sending lots of get well wishes to Taylor! And yay for Easton taking some “motherly” advice from your readers and sleeping! 🙂

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