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Project #3

I hate having a deadline looming over my head. Consequently, I’ve been very motivated to finish up my projects for The Sewing Republic website (my Aurora has been burning the midnight oil). What you are looking at is a sneak peek at project #3! Of all the items that I worked on, this was definitely the most difficult to ‘get right’ – requiring 4 pattern changestweaks before finally getting the look that I wanted. However, now that it’s finished, I think it’s one of my favorite! Now comes the most difficult part – writing up the instructions!
With 3 items completed, the sewing table looks a bit empty and I’m torn between what to sew up next – my Hot Patterns order arrived yesterday, Amy Butler’s Little Stitches came Wednesday (I’ll be updating you on this a bit more tomorrow, but stay tuned for a full review sometime next week), Jalie 2565 is still calling my name as well as the Spaceboy and Robot pattern, not to mention a couple Big 4 patterns that I’ve picked up recently on sale. Decisions, decisions….

Linky Thursday

Fire up the DVR, the new season of Project Runway starts in less than a week!
I love this adorable puff purse (according to this blog entry, there is a larger handbag size version coming soon as well).
My article on chenille is in this month’s Sew News.
A good introduction to Japanese sewing patterns – the bird pouch. [link via Whip Up] If deciphering the language gets too difficult, try this cute zippered bag instead.
If you’ve been collecting your thread snippets, here’s a great article on how to incorporate them into your projects.
I wish I could knit, I would definitely enter the Think Outside the Sox competition.
Check out the Hurt Book Sale for your chance to load up on some crafty books at deep discounts.
Another way to make your own fabric – Graffiti Lace.
Have some fabulous ribbon you don’t know what to do with? Turn it into this fablous belt!
The new Vogue patterns are up!
More baby stuff I need to make – baby rings & pocket organizer and baby blocks and a bib. Now I need to find some of that wonderful fabric!
I need to find a project I can try this on – making a triangle bound buttonhole.

My New Top

After spending quite a bit of time sewing up two projects for the Sewing Republic website, it was nice to spend some time working on something just for me. I retraced Jalie 2804, the empire crossover top several days ago. Instead of going down one size, I decided to go down two – I’m slowly shrinking to more of my pre-pregnancy measurements and I know that only going down one grade will mean that this top will eventually look ‘sloppy’ on me (plus it’s motivation for me to work into wearing that size)! Even though this pattern is a bit snug on me at the moment, it’s still very cute and the fabric works perfectly with this pattern. I can definitely see myself make this one again! As soon as I find some time today, I’ll be posting a full review at Pattern Review.

Project #2

I spent some time in the sewing room again and managed to finish up my second project for The Sewing Republic, which you’re (sneak previewing) viewing above. Although I had the overall instructions mapped out in my head, it took far longer to put this together than what I originally anticipated – although the results were worth it. I have one more project to sew up, but I’m taking a break from it for a few days and concentrating on Jalie 2804. What’s on your sewing table?

Sewing Preview

I’ve been sewing. I promise. Unfortunately, what I’ve been cooking up isn’t something I can show you – at least not just yet. Over the weekend, I developed a pattern for the ‘project ideas’ section of The Sewing Republic. And while I can’t show you exactly what I’ve been working on, here’s a sneak peak:

I know the photo doesn’t tell you much, but I have to say I really enjoyed creating this project. Plus, I made my own bias binding and I think I did my best job ever applying it – now I’m thinking I need to make more projects like this just so I can practice my new skill! Now that one pattern is complete (at least completely sewn), I’ve got 2 more to sew up. I guess it’s back to work this afternoon.

Hitting The Holiday Sales

The one nice thing about holidays and sewing is that there is always a sale somewhere. Joann’s had their notions wall at 50% off (and an extra 10% of your entire order) so I thought I had better head out to see if there was anything that I needed – I didn’t buy any notions, but I did come home with any notions, but I did find some wonderful denim for $2yard (I plan on using this for my Hot Patterns Jeanius Trouser Jeans that I ordered yesterday), a pretty springy cotton for $1.50yard, and McCall 5700. Now it’s off to get some work done around the house, get Easton to nap, and sneak off to the sewing room, but first, what did everyone else pick up at this weekend’s sales?

The Day After

Aside from celebrating the 4th of July yesterday (cookouts, Popsicles, and lots of fireworks), we also did a bit of entomology – we grew our own butterflies. For one of Taylor’s birthday presents, we bought her a ‘butterfly garden’ – the company sends you live caterpillars, they grow and turn into cocoons, and a week later watch the butterflies emerge. It was completely fascinating (I highly recommend this activity even if you don’t have kids!).
I’m also contemplating which Hot Patterns I want to order (they are having a buy 2 get one free sale). I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Riviera Kiss Me Coat (I’ve had my eye on this one for ages), Weekender Jean Jeanius Trouser Jeans (which seems to have some good reviews on Pattern Review), and Handbag Heaven Metropolitan Homage Tote. Does anyone have any experience with these before I break down and buy them (or have any other recommendations on patterns that I should check out before selecting my 3)?

Happy Fourth

Happy 4th everyone! I hope that everyone enjoys the holiday (not to mention the long weekend).
Aside from the usual festivities (cooking out, shooting off fireworks, family time), I’m going to take advantage of the fact that Bret is home and get some sewing in this weekend. I definitely need to get some projects off my table, especially now that I’ve joined another swap – I <3 to Sew (how could I pass it up with a theme like that?). What are your plans for the holiday?

Link Time!

Considering the way my car is starting to look this summer, I could almost use this car organizer pattern.
The answer to the question,”Why does black thread break so often?”
I remember making a pair of these style pants years ago to go over my swimsuit, but now you can make a cropped pair of wrap pants for everyday – plus it’s a free tutorial! [link via Craft]
Sometimes I wish Taylor was little again just so I could make her cute clothes like this tutorial for a Recycled Denim Fiesta Skirt.
Purchased a glue gun from the Dollar Tree? Be sure to read this article – they are being recalled.
Speaking of glue…. here’s a fun tutorial on how to make your own – from milk! [link via Craft]
Being the HUGE Amy Butler fan that I am and the fact that I have a new baby, I have ordered Amy’s new book from her website this week (it’s autographed as well) – Little Stitches for Little Ones which is expected to ship…. today! Amazon will eventually have this title as well, but they are still saying that the release date is September 1.
Making a skirt? Don’t forget to join this month’s Skirt Sew Along contest.
I’m not sure how well it’s going to go over, but Michael Jackson is going to have his own clothing line.
There’s a new tutorial up at the Sewing Republic for Chickpea Sewing Studio‘s Bag Boy.
If you’re looking to make something for your 4th of July party, here’s a few quick projects that you can whip up just in time for the festivities: 4th of July T-shirts [link via The Crafty Crow], 4th of July BBQ Apron, patriotic Door Hanger [link via Innovative Sewing], Patriotic Poster Drink Charms [link via Craft], and July 4th Picnic Caddy.