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As much as I grumble about my local Joann’s, one of the best things about them is that they always have coupons. The last flier has a ton so I set out to the store to see what caught my eye. Little did I know what all I would be bringing home:

I used my first coupon on the 5 lb. box of fiberfill. You would think that something this large would last forever, but you would be surprised how fast stuffing a few toys, pin cushions, and random items uses up this stuff – it was a bargain for under $9. My second coupon went to picking up another issue of Sew News – I keep telling myself that I will frame the issues that my articles appear in, but I never seem to remember when I go to someplace that does frames. While I was there, I also selected some interesting snake suede cloth (it was an impulse buy) and found bulk buttons to send to my I <3 To Sew swap partner. All the savings made me want to visit my local Hancock Fabrics where I picked up a few zippers and some swimsuit elastic (both for my swap partner, but more on that later) and KU fabric. My intention is that I will be making a few Christmas gifts this year and plan on turning this into aprons for a few of my college friends.
Now that I feel like I supported my local economy, I think I’ll stay home and put my goods to work. Anyone else make any purchases this weekend?

Linky Weekend

To make up for the fact I missed Thursday’s Linky post, I thought it would be a good idea to post a few ‘extras’ – after all it is the weekend which will give you more surfing material:
If you’re low on sewing time, check out this tutorial for the 5 minute skirt. It would be perfect for this month’s Skirt Sew Along where you could win Wendy Mullin’s latest book.
This week’s Threadbanger episode: How to make a cool summer cap out of an old pair of pants.
Win yourself a bundle of fat quarters. [link via Craft Gossip]
You could be a part of Vickie Howell’s Craft Corps.
These workbaskets are absolutely adorable! Too bad I already made a project for my latest swap. [link via Craft]
Looking to win a free book? Just fill out this entry form at Craft Stylish.
Cute felt food. [link via The Crafty Crow] Looking at these makes me want to buy a book like this one.
I probably shouldn’t be submitting this link because I really want to win this one, but here’s your chance to win a gorgeous quilt made with Ginger Blossom fabric line.
Stop buying those packages of felt beads and learn how to make your own! [link via Whip Up]
A cute oilcloth project and tips on how to work with this material.
How to keep your sewing machine healthy.
Adding another bag to my ‘must sew list’ – this cute (and free) box bag. [link via Some of a Kind]
Make your own refashioned draped neck top from the girls at Stitch Lounge.
The more people that enter this contest, the more people win! Leave a comment in this Sue Bleiweiss post and you could win their choice of a free 4 issue subscription to Fibre & Stitch or their choice of any journal from her etsy shop. [link via Craft Gossip]
Make your own cute mushroom.
Looking for free projects? SewStylish has a HUGE list of where to find them.

On A Roll….

Last night I headed into my sewing room to start working on my stripe racerback tank. After spending time making sure the stripes lined up properly, I decided to avoid attaching the binding to the arms and neckline. I’m using the black jersey that ‘behaved badly’ for me when making McCall 5586 and didn’t care to deal with any headaches this fabric might give me this time around. Consequently, I opted to start a new project – something for my latest swap (so if my partner is reading this – no peeking)…..

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Flattering Swimwear

I saw this swimsuit pattern at Burda Style last week and fell in love. At this point in the summer, if I haven’t made a bathing suit, I probably won’t, but after seeing this retro look I’m reconsidering. Then I started reading blogs this morning and ran across Miss Celie’s post where is talking about making a muslin for this pattern (and in Wonder Woman style no less – I don’t care what your friends say, I love it. If you want to see Wonder Woman, check out this knitted version that I stumbled across yesterday.). Not sure what bathing style is right for you? Check out this three part series: For Full Figures, For Petites, For Special Quirks.


It’s well after noon and there’s still no post up…. that can only mean one thing – trouble! Actually, we spent all morning at the doctor’s office having him look at Taylor’s knee. She had injured it when she slid into home at her softball game and fortunately, she’s only strained all the ligaments. She’s not allowed to play until she can ‘run without pain’, which she’s hoping is soon because their tournament is next week and she’s also playing in a golf tournament with her dad on Sunday. In the mean time, she’s propping it up, watching the latest Ashley Tisdale movie, and surfing the internet – agh, to be 11 again!
As far as sewing goes, I guess it’s a scrap today. My Ottobre did arrive (although a bit mangled after our carrier has delivered it) so I suppose I’ll hang out in the air conditioning and enjoy browsing through it! I also get to start stalking my partner for the I <3 to sew swap – they were announced today and I’m very excited to get started! What are your plans for sewing today?

Thank Goodness For Naps

Thank you to everyone who told Easton that he should take naps – your advice finally paid off and he took a nice one yesterday. A nap long enough that I had time to finish this:

It’s only a muslin (I had purchased this material from while it was discounted), but it’s definitely wearable! I wanted to make sure that I knew what I needed to tweak before I cut into my fun stripe jersey. The next time around, I’m adding 2 inches to the length, but otherwise, it’s a great fit. I’m not so sure I’ll be as lucky today with the naps, but hopefully I’ll have another version finished by the end of the week.

The Week’s Wrap Up

This week has gone by like a blurr. Taylor competed in 2 (the third was rained out) golf tournaments and pitched in a softball game (and also hurt herself) sliding into home), Easton decided he no longer wanted to nap during the day (which makes for a very grumpy boy in the evenings), Bret was home all week (yay, no traveling), and I managed to sew up 4 projects!
I also got lots of wonderful goodies in the mail – my Burda World of Fashion finally arrived (and I’ve found several things I wouldn’t mind sewing up), my Hot Patterns order came in, a fun prize that I won from Rockin Smockin (photo posted here, plus some fun baseball buttons for Easton and a pretty Christmas ornament kit for Taylor – thank you so much Blakely!), and lastly, my Little Stitches book was delivered. And look what’s on the back:

A quote from me!!! I probably don’t have to tell you how excited I was to see it, not to mention the fact I was very honored to be asked to write something in support of one my favorite sewing authors. As for the book – it’s fantastic! I’m so happy that I have a little one to sew for because there are so many wonderful things to create…. In fact, I’m torn what to make first – a new diaper bag? a military hat? the cute monkey laundry bag? a travel bib?
I sifted through some patterns in my stash and came up with a few that I wanted to put up for sale (I’m sure that there will be more to come, my patterns are overflowing). the first is for Kwik Sew 2653 and the other is for 6 patterns for doll clothes and accessories:

Both appear on Pattern Review’s Classifieds, but if you’re interested, please let me know.
Lastly, I’m deciding on what I need to sew up next. I’m leaning toward Jalie 2565 – I need to sew this one up before the weather turns cold!