I couldn’t resist trying out a project from Sew & Stow, so I started out with the make up roll.

Let me say, the picture in the book is deceiving – the finished project is much smaller than what the photo depicts (and the illustration that goes with the instructions doesn’t even look like the finished project). Even though I could tell that the cutting measurements given in the directions were going to be small, I went ahead and made it anyway. Here’s what my finished product looked like:

It’s cute, but I’m afraid it’s not going to be too useful for most people – it’s just too small – although, I intend on putting this in my swap package anyway. Since it is so small, I decided to add a few other goodies to this gift as well:

So instead of just a make-up roll, I made two lavender scented sachets and a restful eye pillow. I thought she might be able to use it as a ‘pampering gift’ to someone special.
On a different note, thanks to everyone who left comments in the Christmas panel giveaway. According to the random number generator the winner is…. Rachael. She wrote:

I want to sew some soft baby puppets for my baby who will be pretty new to the world at Christmas!

One thought on “Pampering

  1. Carrie

    Despite it being small, it’s lovely!! I have that book as well, but haven’t made anything in it yet. In fact I’m not even sure where the book is!! 🙂

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