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For the last week, while Taylor has been at swimming, I’ve been toting one of my latest books, Sew & Stow to her class. Even after spending this much time with the book, I’m still not sure what I think of it. While I really like the section of the book that deals with discussing fabric types (useful information on how particular fabrics are made,how they are used, etc. ) as well as a number of projects that are included in it (I really see myself making the jewelry tote and possibly the cook’s helper apron), I felt a little cheated. Why? While I think some of the items in the book are very useful and would make a great addition to home organization or a great gift, I thought some of the projects where just thrown in as ‘filler’. Four of the projects that bother me the most – the handle pad (a square of padded fabric that wraps around a wire handle), jelly belly bag (designed to let fruit juice drip into a bowl), shoulder relief strap (very similar to the handle pad, except this one is for your purse), and the veggie bag (which in my humble opinion is a simple cloth sack). I’m not sure that any of these need a tutorial – I felt like even the novice sewer could figure these out for themselves. Speaking of the directions – although I haven’t sewn any of the projects yet, from what I’ve skimmed over, the instructions seem straight forward. I do think that the author assumes the reader has some sewing experience because the directions are not overly detailed and there are few illustrations, if any, on a given project. So if you’re looking to give this book as a gift to a new sewer, you might want to re think your purchase and go for something more like Amy Butler’s In Stitches. Otherwise, the book has some good overall basic projects, with just a few disappointments inside.

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  1. Karen in Wichita

    For what it’s worth: One of the Amazon reviewers mentions it’s a reworked version of one of the author’s earlier books, _Sewing Packs, Pouches, Seats & Sacks: 30 Easy Projects_ … and while _Sew & Stow_ doesn’t have a “search inside,” the older book does, so the table of contents with the list of projects is accessible that way.

  2. Anary

    I also own this book. Amen for all your words. I agree with your review. Great one by the way.
    I read reviews on amazon…and as understood this book was a “better” (remake version) of the author previous book. The pictures are very nice. To keep the positive note…one could use the projects on this book as “launch pads” for new adventures….I myself made a case for satelite radio based on the steps of one of the books projects. This book would be ok for a new sewer, plus an extra sewing for dummies on the basket :).
    So…keep your mind open when looking thru the book..otherwise you will not be so thrilled.
    I am ok with it. Stacy got it so right!

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