Think Sewing

Bret is out of town this week so any hopes of getting some sewing squeezed in looks slim. Instead, I’m going to “think” sewing (hopefully this will keep me from going through ‘sewing withdrawal symptoms’). As I was laying in bed drifting off to sleep last night, I decided I was definitely going to purchase Jalie 2565, the racerback tank. I’ve been visualizing using the Cafe in Cannes stripe (from Gorgeous Fabrics) with this pattern – I think that I’ll get a sporty, workout look if I go this way.
I also found out that tonight on the National Geographic Channel is the Secret History of the Bra. I don’t think that this will make me better at sewing lingerie, but it should be interesting, anyway (by the way, the site has some interesting facts such as “In 1991 a woman was killed by lightning which struck the underwire in her bra.” – YIKES!).

2 thoughts on “Think Sewing

  1. bernadette

    Read this kinda late today. I hope you get to watch the bra documentary and can tell us anything especially interesting. ( I don’t have cable.) I do find underwire helpful but in the early years of airport screening it was often a problem. Ha-ha.
    Instead, I just watched a PBS documentary on the ‘Summer of Love’ in the Haight/ Asbury District (San Francisco, 1967.) Now I finally know exactly how the word “hippie” came to be!

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