Thinking Halloween

McCall posted it’s new patterns for fall yesterday. There wasn’t too much that caught my eye (although I have to say, as a whole I love the Hillary Duff collection) except for 5727 – the girl’s Wonder Woman costume! Could this mean an adult version isn’t too far behind? If that’s the case, you know what I’ll be making for my Halloween costume this year (or else I could just sport my WW apron).
On the sewing front, I’ve got the pattern traced for Jalie 2804 and am ready to pick out a material to use with it. I’m shopping the stash tomorrow and will hopefully get a start on this project soon.

3 thoughts on “Thinking Halloween

  1. Sarah

    Halloween already?! Wow – I love Halloween. I saw a little conductor costume that might look nice on Aidan but he may still be into being a “creature” (cat, frog, cardinal, spider…). What is your thing with Wonder Woman? I had Wonder Woman Underoos and there is a picture out there somewhere of me in them.

  2. bernadette

    Wonder Woman (aka Linda Carter) lives in our area and surfaces at big events. She also SINGS in concert halls, like the Kennedy Center! Apparently very well. And while not slim, she is in great shape and looks fantastic – thanks she says to good genes and a love of sports, exercise, and healthy food. (Also kicked her alcohol habit.) She’s still a wonder woman!

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