The Stripe Shirt

I found some time to put in the hem on my Jalie t-shirt and am happy to report, it’s done!

The fit on this one is o.k., I really should have made this shirt a size bigger as I’m seeing some ‘puckering’ around the bust where it’s stretching too much. I think as I eventually shrink down everywhere, I’ll fit into this top better (hopefully in a month). Now I’m anxious to try out my new Jalie t-shirt pattern (they arrived in the mail late last week) and see how it compares!

6 thoughts on “The Stripe Shirt

  1. bernadette

    Here you are, wearing cross-wise stripes, not even 6 weeks post-partum, and you already have a decent waistline. Plus that is such a cute top – colors, stripes and cut. Great work.

  2. NancyW

    Stacy, this turned out really cute. I have a couple of Jalie patterns, but have not tried them yet. I’m hoping to make the sweetheart T this summer.

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