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Sew & Stow

For the last week, while Taylor has been at swimming, I’ve been toting one of my latest books, Sew & Stow to her class. Even after spending this much time with the book, I’m still not sure what I think of it. While I really like the section of the book that deals with discussing fabric types (useful information on how particular fabrics are made,how they are used, etc. ) as well as a number of projects that are included in it (I really see myself making the jewelry tote and possibly the cook’s helper apron), I felt a little cheated. Why? While I think some of the items in the book are very useful and would make a great addition to home organization or a great gift, I thought some of the projects where just thrown in as ‘filler’. Four of the projects that bother me the most – the handle pad (a square of padded fabric that wraps around a wire handle), jelly belly bag (designed to let fruit juice drip into a bowl), shoulder relief strap (very similar to the handle pad, except this one is for your purse), and the veggie bag (which in my humble opinion is a simple cloth sack). I’m not sure that any of these need a tutorial – I felt like even the novice sewer could figure these out for themselves. Speaking of the directions – although I haven’t sewn any of the projects yet, from what I’ve skimmed over, the instructions seem straight forward. I do think that the author assumes the reader has some sewing experience because the directions are not overly detailed and there are few illustrations, if any, on a given project. So if you’re looking to give this book as a gift to a new sewer, you might want to re think your purchase and go for something more like Amy Butler’s In Stitches. Otherwise, the book has some good overall basic projects, with just a few disappointments inside.

Into The Stash & Giveaway

Before I start into sewing, I thought I would share the latest (taken this morning) photo of Easton who turned two months old this week. We had his doctor appointment yesterday where he weighed in at 12 lbs. and measured 23 inches long (he also got shots, poor baby).
Now onto the sewing talk! I spent some of last night rummaging through my stash and scrap pile where I found all sorts of things I had forgotten about…. one of which I plan on using for my upcoming Christmas Stash Buster swap (so if you’re my partner, don’t read on):

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Linky Thursday

Putting those store bought tomato pincushions to shame – Martha Stewart’s “homegrown” version. [thanks to Bernadette for the link]
Speaking of pincushions, I’ve added another to my ‘must make list’ – the Cupcake Pincushion. [link via Craft]
A letter was sent out to subscribers that they’ve been purchased by Amazon. If this means that Amazon will eventually be selling material, notions, and patterns my shopping cart will never be the same.
I had no idea that Martha Stewart had her own line of embroidery designs. What doesn’t this woman do? [link via CraftStylish]
Keep your pants up this summer with Stitch Lounge’s vintage D-ring belt tutorial.
If I had more time, I would join Booming Apron’s Halloween apron swap – it would give me an excuse to make this ‘witchy’ apron. [link via Apron A Day]
The Sewing Business Blog – projects, information, product reviews, business spotlights for small to medium size sewing businesses.
How to customize your action figures.
Beautify your closet by making these gorgeous coat hanger covers. Or just keep it organized with the Sewing Republic‘s latest tutorial – closet organizer.
An article after my own heart, how to store your fabric stash. [link via Needle Exchange]
Show off your tee shirt recon and you could win a gift certificate to Threadless.
Bret keeps telling me that I don’t need a scanner, but if I did, I could make cool projects with Taylor (and Easton) like these Super Kids. [link via The Crafty Crow]
It’s not up on the Ottobre site yet, but here’s a sneak peek at the newest issue due out the secondthird week in July.

Does This Count?

I still haven’t found a skirt pattern that I wanted to use for the Skirt Sew Along contest this month, but as I was rummaging through my stash for my most recent swap, I found two skirt panels that I (forgot)had purchased at a Joann’s clearance almost 2 years ago (if I remember right, for $1/panel!)

Do you think this would count?

Keep The Selvage

While surfing the other day, I came across and was completely fascinated by the quilts and designs made by the selvage edge of fabrics. There’s even a mini tutorial on how to produce similar results on your own. If you’re not interested in making a quilt, but a few quick projects instead – here’s some instructions for a slevage bag and scarf. Now it’s time to start saving those selvage edges and start getting creative!

Think Sewing

Bret is out of town this week so any hopes of getting some sewing squeezed in looks slim. Instead, I’m going to “think” sewing (hopefully this will keep me from going through ‘sewing withdrawal symptoms’). As I was laying in bed drifting off to sleep last night, I decided I was definitely going to purchase Jalie 2565, the racerback tank. I’ve been visualizing using the Cafe in Cannes stripe (from Gorgeous Fabrics) with this pattern – I think that I’ll get a sporty, workout look if I go this way.
I also found out that tonight on the National Geographic Channel is the Secret History of the Bra. I don’t think that this will make me better at sewing lingerie, but it should be interesting, anyway (by the way, the site has some interesting facts such as “In 1991 a woman was killed by lightning which struck the underwire in her bra.” – YIKES!).

Tracing, Again

After spending an hour or so tracing off Jalie 2804 (the empire crossover top) something told me that before I cut into my fabric I should probably re-check my measurements. You see, last night I put on a shirt that I had purchased shortly after delivering and noticed how large it looked on me – after pulling out the tape measure, low and behold, I’ve gone down a size! So, it looks like I’m back to tracing this pattern off again. UGH. I did finally decide on a material:

I purchased this Dainty Floral Jersey print from Gorgeous Fabrics back in April and have been waiting for the perfect pattern before using it. I thought that it had a nice summery feel to it and was just right for this top. Maybe by Monday I’ll be FINALLY ready to sew!

Thinking Halloween

McCall posted it’s new patterns for fall yesterday. There wasn’t too much that caught my eye (although I have to say, as a whole I love the Hillary Duff collection) except for 5727 – the girl’s Wonder Woman costume! Could this mean an adult version isn’t too far behind? If that’s the case, you know what I’ll be making for my Halloween costume this year (or else I could just sport my WW apron).
On the sewing front, I’ve got the pattern traced for Jalie 2804 and am ready to pick out a material to use with it. I’m shopping the stash tomorrow and will hopefully get a start on this project soon.