Three Small Things

According to the doctor, Easton has a ‘mild’ case of reflux, so it only stands to reason that we go through several burp cloths a day. In an effort to keep from having to do so much laundry (who am I kidding, I do tons anyway), I decided to make a few new burp cloths – this round is inspired by Chickpea Sewing Studio’s diaper burp cloths.

Aside from the fun tattoo print, I made the center decorative panel out of flannel. I think it should be a bit more absorbent and softer to the touch too.

6 thoughts on “Three Small Things

  1. Anary

    I hope baby Easton will get over this reflux soon. I will be praying ; ).
    The burp cloths are very cool…isn’t he the fenciest baby in town? 😉

  2. bernadette

    What a sweet baby for giving his mommy more excuses to sew! Ha-ha. Still, he must like the soft cloths to sooth him some.

  3. Elaray

    Funny, one of the things I remember most about my daughter’s infancy is the amount of laundry I had to do! I often said, to myself and to her, how can one little baby generate so much laundry! The burp cloths are adorable! How many babies have such elegant burp cloths!

  4. Dawn

    My Daughter had bad reflux until she was 9 months and the best thing we did was to raise one end of her cot please email me if you want to talk. I didn’t have such fab burp cloths though!

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