Sew Much Comfort

A segment aired on our local news the other night about a group of women who have been sewing and adapting clothing for wounded soldiers. The charity, Sew Much Comfort, has over 500 seamstresses that create custom clothing so the injured don’t have to wear hospital gowns as they recover. If you’re looking for a charitable organization to lend your skills to, you can request an information packet from Sew Much Comfort by filling out this form.

3 thoughts on “Sew Much Comfort

  1. bernadette

    Thanks for the link. I might even try to help since two of the hospitals are right here. I have never tried to sew for other people- except for my sister before she learned to sew years ago!
    Any idea how difficult is it to sew on velcro? I have no experience.

  2. Anary

    WOW. This is so great Stacy!!! I want to learn more about this…that for sharing that.

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