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I’m finally to the point where I am ready to sew in the hem to my t-shirt. I was about ready to set the coverstitch on my serger when I decided that it might be best to hem a number of shirts at once (so I don’t keep having to switch back and forth between serging and coverstitch). Consequently, I’ve decided to start another top – this one, Jalie 965’s tanks. I’ve had this pattern since last summer, but never found the time to sew it up. I purchased quite a bit of the stripe material (the same one I’m using for the Jalie top) so I plan on using this for the tank as well. Now to trace of the pattern and find some time to sew!
In other news, I stopped by my local Walmart the other day and was sad to see that their fabric department is almost completely gone (and replaced by some very cheap fake flowers). Even though I didn’t buy a lot of material from there, occasionally you’d find a great bargain – not to mention the fact if you needed a notion late at night they were always open. For those of you who have already lost their fabric department, what did they do with their patterns? Did they mark them down or throw them out?

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  1. toy

    maybe they just sent the patterns back, who knows
    I never find anything useful on the fabric table at my walmart, oh maybe I don’t have the patience to look really good

  2. bernadette

    When I worked in the pattern dept of a large fabric store, we would send back just the ENVELOPES of discontinued patterns to receive credit for unsold ones. (The patterns themselves had to be destroyed! But we did not send back current patterns. I would imagine that a multi-store outlet as big as Walmart would have a unique “deal” with vendors!

  3. Sheila

    At the Wal-Mart that I moved away from in CA they always had tons of $1.00 a yard stuff that was great, but at the Wal-Mart near my new home in WY I don’t find as much good stuff. Like you, it’s refreshing to know you can get thread or a zipper at 11pm. My Wal-Mart hasn’t gotten rid of their fabric section yet, but if they do, I want the pattern cabinets! They would be so cool in my sewing room and my patterns would be so organized!

  4. Adrienne

    Same at our Walmart … bummer. They didn’t even discount the patterns AND they replaced the displace with the cheap flowers too!

  5. Sandy in W

    You just confirmed my suspicions! Yesterday I was in the Walmart on N. Rock to buy buttons, which turned out to be on clearance, and the shelves were beginning to look thinned out (as though they were no longer restocking). I almost never found any fabric that floated my boat, but it was a good fall back for notions. Don’t ya think we also don’t like it because it’s a testament to the fact that we sewers are such a rare commodity and we feel panicky just how far this reduction in our supplies is going to go, for heaven sakes!

  6. angie.a

    Ours had a sign up a few weeks ago that all fabric would be $2 the 1st of May. I haven’t been back in to see if everything has been cleared out and disposed of…but I’m guessing that’s the case. Its such a bummer! I routinely picked up rickrack, elastic, etc from WM! We’re very near the home office too, and our WM was one that got actual GOOD stuff on the tables, including occasional designer remnants. I don’t know how many times I’d find something and then turn around and see that same fabric at the mall in Dillards, etc. Not to mention, $1/yd for muslin fabric can’t be beat!
    Again, just a real bummer.

  7. Anary

    I knew someone that worked at walmart fabric dept..She told me that frequently she had to throw away patterns. Literally the patterns go to the garbage..and no one can take it even from the garbage – risk to loose the job and all…Ah..this is so sad.
    Fabric stores are becoming so rare…and some people complain kids get in trouble these days….for sure they do not make life easier when it comes to learn something that would keep “some” of them out of trouble…and maybe learn a profession/trade. How hipocritical….right?
    Even butchers now a days are becoming rare (no pum intended).

  8. Judy

    I work at a Walmart that is in the process of getting rid of its fabric. That area will then become a party/special occasion center..ugh. When I asked about the patterns, I was told they were going to be sent back to the pattern companies. Not sure if this is true. Anyway, every once and a while I would find a great fabric. I will miss not being able to shop for fabric where I work.

  9. Aimey

    It appears as though our walmart is beginning to thin out as well. I used to work for JoAnn’s and each month we did a pattern “discard”. Occassionaly a pattern would get returned to the vendor but more often than not they were tossed. It killed me every time we had to do it because not only did we put them in the big dumpster but we drenched them with water before doing so. It just seemed like such a waste. And yes, one would lose their job if caught taking any.

  10. MelissaB

    Holy cow, reading these comments amazes me. How sad that they have to destroy the patterns in such a manner. What a waste. 🙁
    Our fabric section is definitely smaller, but the lady assured me they were keeping it for the time being. Occassionally I’ll find something on the table, but rarely any more. Oh well, I need fabric like I need a whole in my head. lol

  11. umjudis

    I have 2 WM by me: one in Canton, MI and a new supercenter in Livonia, MI. The Livonia store just opened within the past year or so & put in a fabric department plus a rather large craft dept. (surprise!) The Canton one continues to stay open & staff advised they are increasing their crafts too. But they also asked we continue to write to WM headquarters to keep the fabric & crafts. If you are interested, go to She has the address there and has been encouraging her readers to write.
    I have found nice quilting, home dec fabric, kids’ character prints, and even nice $1 stuff at the Canton store & have enjoyed the convenience of having a place open late at night to get that much-needed notion.

  12. p.owe

    I am a department manager at at Walmart fabric department. The reason the patterns are disposed of is because it is at the direction of McCalls and Simplicity. Walmart does not own the patterns. The complanies are only paid by walmart when a pattern sells. The patterns are the property of McCalls and Simplicity not Walmart. Walmart is not at liberty to sell the patterns once the company has directed us to dispose of them.

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