I Finally Decided

The past two days I’ve really been struggling deciding what to sew up next. Yesterday, I finally settled on Jalie 2005 (that should tide me over until my new Jalie’s arrive). My next dilemma was selecting a size that will fit my current shape – previous versions I had sewn a size ‘T’ (here is my long sleeve crew neck, 3/4 v-neck, and short sleeved solid white tee), but my bust and midsection are nowhere near the pre-pregnancy measurements that I once was. Consequently, I’ve opted to try the size ‘W’ which will work for the bust, but may still be too small in the midsection. For my first version, I decided to use the yarn dyed stripe that I recently purchased from Needle Nook Fabrics – not only is it a cute material, but has lots of stretch just in case I’ve gone a bit too small in tracing out the pattern. Now my goal today is to cut the material and get to sewing!
Any sewing plans for your long holiday weekend?

7 thoughts on “I Finally Decided

  1. Anary

    Well..I am still reliving the experience of watching – Indiana Jones – I am still trying to figure how much I liked it…One thing I know…Music is 50% of the picture..and I missed that.
    How fixing my fabric stash looks for a task? My sewing stuff took over my room just like ” Alians’ hahaha.
    That fabric you picked is so sweet…gosh I wish I had a Needle Nook just a round the corner!!!
    A question..does this Jalie top has some room to make some kind of adjustment? A nice pair of ties (tie on the back)might help out making the top fit after you get in the post baby size.
    Ok..I got to go back and pray over that constest of yours…I am keeping the positive thinking ; ).
    Oh…do you have any link for smoking (?) for dummies? hihihi. As you can see I cannot even spell properly.

  2. benadette

    Cute tops. Make more!
    One Post-baby adjustment I remember reading about on some sewing blog was this:
    Take the front pattern piece and add a bit to the sides from just below the bust down to the hem in very slight A-line. You might also have to add just a ‘touch’ of length – in the middle only. This is like a ‘micro-maternity’ adjustment and eases you back.

  3. Kris C.

    I feel your pain! I still haven’t gotten rid of my baby weight, and I think I’m about ready to get serious about it…two years later…Good luck with the new top!

  4. Katie

    Hi Stacy! I plan to spend this holiday sewing up a new bag. I just finished a bathrobe and I’m planning on sewing some garments, but I need something quick. I’m addicted to your blog, I love seeing what you sew up 🙂

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