A Truckload Of Fabrics

Easton and I finally made our way to Needle Nook Fabrics this week to check out their new shipment – needless to say, I didn’t come home empty handed (in fact I could have purchased more, but showed some restraint)!

I wound up purchasing 3 yards of a pink, brown and white stripe knit (enough for both Taylor and I some shirts), a gorgeous turquoise jersey (I’m envisioning making myself the sleeveless version of Jalie 2806 for this), a yellow and white stripe knit (I’m thinking of making a v-neck version of Jalie 2005), a brown with pink polka dots jersey for Taylor (I have no idea of what pattern to use, but I’ll know it when I see it!), a multi-color yarn dye stripe, a wonderfully soft grey knit (it was to cozy not to buy), and lastly a fantastic red, black and white print. Bret has promised that if he goes fishing this week that he’ll allow me some serious sewing time – it looks like I’ll be sweatshopping it soon!
Lastly (because it has nothing to do with sewing), a photo of a my children napping…. it was too sweet not to share:

Now it’s off to the softball fields – Taylor has a busy day of practice, games, and pictures! What are you up to this weekend?

10 thoughts on “A Truckload Of Fabrics

  1. adrienne

    I LOVE that red fabric! It is GORGEOUS! That is such a sweet picture of your kids!!!!
    Thankfully I’m not doing much this weekend! I have my daughters baton recital to attend and that is IT! YAY lol

  2. Gwen

    I can’t believe how active you have been – still blogging regularly and now fabric shopping! – so soon after bringing Easton home! And that picture is heart meltingly sweet… 🙂

  3. bernadette

    That is the sweetest photo of the kids! They are lovely.
    You are so ambitious! Good for you!
    We are dinner/dancing tonight at a gala. I have not yet decide what to wear! The event has a 50’s theme but is dressy. So I will just cruise my closet. We didn’t decide to attend in time to sew anything.
    Weather is good so I will continue my big garden projects.

  4. Blakely

    I was wondering how Taylor and Easton were getting along, and that picture answers my question. I have a little brother and my mom has several pictures of me sleeping under his cradle while he sleep in it.
    As for the weekedend, we had a yard sale and are now going couch shopping. We didn’t make that much money, but we sold our couch.

  5. Lori

    What a great group of fabrics and the picture of your children is priceless.
    This weekend: DD#2 participated in the state track meet, two events, two medals. Tomorrow will be her high school graduation. Packed weekend.

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