Thursday’s Links On Friday

Between attending end of the year school events (can you believe Taylor only has 5 more days left?), changing lots of diapers, and attending a few Riverfest activities, I nearly forgot about Thursday’s Links!
I stopped working with resin when I found out that I was pregnant (it’s a bit caustic). So now that Easton is finally here, I can try my hand at making a few jewelry pieces. Naughty Secretary’s Club posted a great video tutorial on casting a resin bracelet (which will also be featured in the upcoming book, The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl’s Guide to Handmade Jewelry due out this fall).
I love this bib tutorial that can be found on Nicole Mallalieu Designs. I plan on making quite a few of these – especially when Easton gets older.
A fun, vintage chicken pot holder. [link via Niki’s Ventures]
Another pincushion that I must make – it takes the cake (alright that was a bad pun). [link via Craft]
A new episode of Sew Forth Now is up – this one addresses dress forms.
It’s a bit technical, but a great article none the less – How fusible and adhesive sewing products hold up over time. [link via Spoonflower]
Need a new bag? Here’s a few free tutorials to try out: The Hobo Bag, a wristlet, and fabric basket. [links via Craft]
A cute refashion for the summer – the t-shirt to halter (you’ll need to click the link on the sidebar).

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Links On Friday

  1. Anne

    Love the great links! I especially love the fabric basket. I am making a quilt for my niece’s soon-to-be-born daughter, and I think storage baskets made from fabrics leftover from the quilt would be so handy for storage. My niece and her DH are professors, and they live in a very small home.

  2. Jennifer Perkins

    Stacy thank you for the link to my blog and book you sweet thing you! Glad you liked the video. I quit working with resin years ago becuase it is not so great for you and just busted it out for the book and the video. Its fun for now and again crafting, but when I made it all day every day like an assembly line I got a little scared for my lungs and brain cells 🙂

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