Before refashioning clothing ever became popular, quilt shops and independent fabric stores across the country taught sewers how to transform an ordinary sweatshirt into a jacket. From what I remember, most of those designs were simple and included lots of applique embellishments. Numerous years have passed and now that transforming clothing into something new has become wildly popular, the trend of making sweatshirts to jackets has resurfaced. However, this time they are far more stylish! I recently read Sweatshirts 15+ Stylish Designs To Sew And Wear, published by Krause Publications, and have to say that I am astounded that some of the photos in the book started as a comfy sweatshirt. Not only are the author’s designs more fashionable that those that appeared in quilt shops 10+ years ago, but she also takes the time to point out what styles look best on three main body types (apple, pear, petite).
Included in this book are tips and tricks on selecting fabrics and embellishments to best match your sweatshirt, tutorials on making collars and cuffs, and all the patterns needed to complete the 19 projects in the book. As for the designs themselves, they range from trendy (like the jacket that appears on the front cover) to more ‘traditional’ and ‘artistic’ styles (those that incorporate beading, buttons, embroidery, appliques, and unique embellishments) – a little something for everyone. If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at refashioning, but never knew what to start with – you may want to try your hand at Debra Quartermain’s latest, Sweatshirts!

3 thoughts on “Sweatshirts

  1. Anne

    The jacket on the cover of that book is much more stylish than the sweatshirt-to-jacket design I used even a couple of years ago.
    This repurposing idea seems like a great way to use leftover pieces of fabric and trims for embellishment. Another great idea!

  2. Debra Quartermain

    Thank you Stacy for such a great review of my book. I am working on another one at present with even more repurposing and fun designs. I love jackets and being comfy so a perfect combination!
    Thanks again and happy sewing!
    Debra Quartermain

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