The Baptism

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day, was pampered by their family, and got a bit of sewing time in! In addition to Mother’s Day, yesterday was Easton’s baptism. I would love to say that everything went without a hitch, but I can’t….. the priest actually forgot to perform the baptism during the mass! We did finally get him baptized, but in between masses instead (and a bit more hastily than what I think was intended) – at least the party went well!
I finally got to wear my Kwik Sew tunic for the event! Now that I look at the pictures, though, I realize I have quite a bit more baby weight to loose so I may be making a whole transitional wardrobe for the summer until I can get back to (or close to) my pre-pregnancy weight (I’m thinking a casual mini-SWAP). Now the question is, what to make first?

19 thoughts on “The Baptism

  1. Christy Pair

    You look great!!! What a nice pic of your fam. The priest forgetting is funny to read about but had to have been stressful. We had Carlynn baptized on Mother’s Day last year- the best present!

  2. bernadette

    You all look very well and peaceful, considering.
    That red top is such a good color for you. Little Easton looks like he enjoyed the day!

  3. angie.a

    Oh he is such a DOLL!! He’s just perfect, Stacy! You look fabulous. Don’t stress the baby weight just yet. You’ll be fine! Love the family picture.

  4. Anne

    What a special day for you and your wonderful family.
    When my son was baptized, he spit up (quite a bit), and the pastor said, “I think Matthew needs his blessings at this very moment.” Anyway, Matthew is now six-feet-four, and he is indeed a blessing to us. Our daughter graduated from college Saturday, so we spent the weekend celebrating with her.
    Congratulations to Easton on his baptism! He looks like a handsome little man in his white ensemble. So cute!

  5. MelissaB

    What a great family picture ~ you all look fabulous! Just think, the priest forgetting about the baptism makes for a great story to tell. Glad you had a wonderful day. 🙂

  6. Isabelle

    What a beautiful picture of you all!
    That must have been a little frustrating, to wait for the priest to summon you up to the altar only to realize in the end that he’d forgot!

  7. Sarah

    Stacy! What beautiful photos. I think you look lovely.
    Sorry things didn’t go so smoothly with Easton’s baptism. The thing I like about that is the story you can tell some day. It isn’t your normal story which will make it more interesting for him.
    Congratulations on celebrating your first mother’s day with two children!

  8. Sheila

    Easton makes the cutest faces! What a cute family!!
    By the way, you have 9 months (plus some because you were late!) to take the weight off. You’ll be slim and trim in no time!!

  9. Sandy in W

    Cute baby and outfit, cute family photo, and nice tunic. It’s fun to see photos.

  10. Adrienne

    The downside … you were rushed and ‘worked in’ – the upside … God is so happy you made the promise to raise little Easton to know Him. God bless you all!

  11. Linda L

    As usual I am a day late and dollar short. I have gotten behind on sewing, writing as well as reading blogs. In checking Blogline Feed, there were 63 postings for your blog that I had not read!!!!!! See I am truly behind.
    With all that said, I see that the newest edition to your family has arrived. And that he is now baptized though it was rather stressful.
    Your family looks lovely!

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