What’s Going On With Project Runway?

A month ago today, I posted an entry about the future of Project Runway and it’s move to the Lifetime television network. Now it appears that the changes continue – this time with the shooting local. According to this article, filming will no longer take place in NY, but Los Angeles so that Heidi Klum will be able to stay close to her family. What’s going to happen to Parsons, Mood, and that great NYC vibe?

5 thoughts on “What’s Going On With Project Runway?

  1. Kris O

    I’m trying to keep a good attitude about it. LA has a good vibe, too, I think, just a different one. And we’ll get to see a different fabric store or stores! At least we have one more season in NYC before it jumps networks and coasts.

  2. Linda

    And Tim!! What will happen to him? We he now have to spend time in LA? And what about all the connections he has, does that extend to LA too?
    My DD also read that two of the producers quit. Sounds like the end of PR as we know it. Boy that sounds doom and gloom. I guess we will just to wait and see!

  3. Anary

    My..this is terrible. I think LA is great, but I have enough of that with all that daily celebrity gossip..NY is so much more classic…Down to the root. Sorry..LA but classic and true fashion in my head..is NY.
    I am sad with this LA thing…I hope the show will not turn into one of those silly reality, drama queen kind of show (that I “watch” doing my house work..:).
    TO PR! Cheers!

  4. adrienne

    Ugh. It’s worse than I thought. Just moving to Lifetime was bad enough… I guess I would rather have the show with Heidi in LA than without Heidi at all, but still… It’s not going to be the same. Sigh.

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