Cupcakes: The Pincushion Kind

It took (almost) a week to complete, but not only have I created one cupcake pincushion from my Warm Fuzzies book, but 5 (I’m only showing four since my first one didn’t turn out as nice as what I had hoped)! This was a relatively easy project to sew up – no sewing machine was required (lots of hand sewing and glue), but the results are fantastic. I did learn a few things along the way:
1) Stretch and roll your felt as you go – this gives you a tight roll and will give you an extra layer when you’re finished.
2) Felt density really does make a difference – the heavier the felt, the harder it is to get a good roll going, especially if you’re making a miniature version.
3) When sewing up your roll, make sure that all your materials are ready to go – your needle is threaded and knotted so you never have to let go of your project until it is sewn up… you may have disastrous results may occur (i.e. unrolling of all your hard work!).
4) Thanks to a tip from Amy M., I was able to find prepackaged felt balls at my local Hobby Lobby store!

7 thoughts on “Cupcakes: The Pincushion Kind

  1. bernadette

    So cute and yummy-looking! A plate of these would be a lovely centerpiece at a tea party – and then as surprise party favors as guests leave.
    How long does it take to make each one?

  2. stacy

    Without interruptions, you could make a whole tray of them in an afternoon (I’m guessing without embellishing them, they each take about15 minutes each. I got faster after making several of them).

  3. Amy M in Indiana

    Ah, they look adorable! I LOVE them! And so glad you found the felt balls! I hope to get this book soon and try those out –they are just so cute!!
    Great job and thanks for the tips!

  4. Katrina

    Those are too cute!! Question about the 3 pink cupcakes… what is the outer made out of? It looks like ribbed felt with the ridges in it?

  5. stacy

    The outer pink cupcake material is a ribbed sweater knit. It was pretty dense ribs after it was felted, but it stretched out nicely over the cupcake.

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