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Tagging, Well Wishes, and Big Events

I’ve been tagged! Blakely at Rockin Smockin tagged me yesterday, but before I get to that part of the entry, I wanted to wish everyone an early Happy Mother’s Day! I know that lots of you have big plans for this weekend and I hope everyone enjoys their special day. As for me, not only are we celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday, but Easton will be baptized during mass as well. Since we’ll be having lots of family here (and all the hustle and bustle of the day), I won’t be putting up a post tomorrow, but promise to put on a few pictures Monday morning!
Mother's Day Graphics
Now onto the tagging! In this meme, I am supposed to grab the nearest book, turn to page 123 and post the 6th, 7th, and 8th sentences. I’m actually in the process of reading 3 books (well, two are more ‘instructional’ – Sew U Home Stretch and The Big-Ass Book of Crafts and don’t work well with these theme). I’ve opted write from What to Expect the First Year since it has lots of content and is handy on my nightstand!

Catch on to the clues, and you can often avoid the tears. “I’m in pain.” This cry begins suddenly (usually in response to a stimulus – ofr instance the jab of a needle at shot time) and is loud (as in ear-piercing), pancked, and long (with each wail lasting as long as a few seconds), leaving the baby breathless.

What book is on your nightstand?

New Project Up

My poor Bernina has been lonely lately, it just hasn’t seen as much action the last few weeks since I delivered Easton – thankfully, I gave it a good ‘workout’ before I delivered! One of the projects I worked on was this Pillow Slipcover which is now on The Sewing Republic website. In addition to writing up the instructions, I added a few tips on how to personalize your new pillows. One of my favorites – taking a black and white print and using fabric markers to color in the designs to your liking (I’ve done this to one of the pillows featured on the site).

I also have to brag a bit on my oldest who competed in Mutual of Omaha’s Drive Chip & Putt event yesterday. She took top five (out of 41) in the putting portion of the contest!
Of course, I can’t leave out the newest member of the family…. here’s Easton doing his impression of Derek Zoolander’s Blue Steel:

Linky Thursday

It’s Thursday which can only mean one thing….. Link Time!
A new tutorial is up at The Sewing Republic – an adorable two-tone apron from Handmade Kate. Can you say quick and easy project for Mother’s Day?
Speaking of aprons, how is your Emmeline Apron coming along? If you’re needing some inspiration, you may want to check out this new release – A Is For Apron (it looks incredibly fun). If a book’s not your thing, how about entering this contest where you could win an adorable apron. [link via Apron A Day]
Have a crafty home decor project that you’d like to share? Upload your video to Threadbanger and you might win your very own Pink Toolkit from Bust magazine. For more details on this contest, be sure to check out this blog entry.
Always wanted to know where to find existing quilting fabric manufacturer? Annie’s Quilting Stash not only has them listed for you, but has devoted part of her podcast to the subject. [link via True Up]
Not only does Burda have up a new member generated pattern, but they’ve put up a survey for you to complete – 3 people will be drawn at random to win $50 just by answering a few questions!
Just in time for summer – a video tutorial on how to make your own flip flops.
Win yourself a copy of Vickie Howell’s new book, Knit Aid, just by Knit Aid: A Learn It, Fix It, Finish It Guide for Knitters on the Go.
If you’ve always wanted to have your original knitted or crocheted projects published, here’s your chance. Lark books is looking for fun, colorful and wacky projects for an upcoming book (they are also looking for one-of-a-kind envelopes as well). The deadline for these projects is the end of the month, so don’t delay! All the details can be found on this Whip Up post.
The winners of the 2nd Annual Softie Awards have been announced!
More potential projects for Mother’s Day – this cute make up bag (I love the fun bright fabrics that she used on this project)! [link via Innovative Sewing]
If you know someone who’s new to sewing, be sure to pass along this great tutorial on everything from selecting a pattern to how to read it.

What’s Going On With Project Runway?

A month ago today, I posted an entry about the future of Project Runway and it’s move to the Lifetime television network. Now it appears that the changes continue – this time with the shooting local. According to this article, filming will no longer take place in NY, but Los Angeles so that Heidi Klum will be able to stay close to her family. What’s going to happen to Parsons, Mood, and that great NYC vibe?

Sew Along Updates

If you haven’t checked out the flickr pool for the Amy Butler Sophia Carry-All Sew Along, then you haven’t seen all the fantastic bags that are were created for this contest. Consequently, Kris and I had the hardest time deciding who should be the winner – instead of selecting ‘the best’ bag, we opted to put all the (completed bag) entry names together and do a random draw. And the winner is…… mschviuz2 (you can check out the lining of her bag here as well as the matching coin purse she made). Congratulations! And thanks to everyone for participating in our very first sew along – I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as Kris and I did and are having a good time using their new bags!
Don’t forget this month we’ll be making the Emmeline Apron. Since this project is reversible, I’ve decided to make it a ‘theme’ apron – one side “naughty” and the other side “nice”. I’ve decided to use two Alexander Henry prints for mine: tattoo fabric (‘naughty’) in black and the reverse side (‘nice’), Madison in plum. I’m tying it all together with red material for the straps and bow (now to purchase that red fabric). All the ‘details’ for this project are now up on the sidebar.

What are your plans for this apron project?

Cupcakes: The Pincushion Kind

It took (almost) a week to complete, but not only have I created one cupcake pincushion from my Warm Fuzzies book, but 5 (I’m only showing four since my first one didn’t turn out as nice as what I had hoped)! This was a relatively easy project to sew up – no sewing machine was required (lots of hand sewing and glue), but the results are fantastic. I did learn a few things along the way:
1) Stretch and roll your felt as you go – this gives you a tight roll and will give you an extra layer when you’re finished.
2) Felt density really does make a difference – the heavier the felt, the harder it is to get a good roll going, especially if you’re making a miniature version.
3) When sewing up your roll, make sure that all your materials are ready to go – your needle is threaded and knotted so you never have to let go of your project until it is sewn up… you may have disastrous results may occur (i.e. unrolling of all your hard work!).
4) Thanks to a tip from Amy M., I was able to find prepackaged felt balls at my local Hobby Lobby store!

Great Sewing Tips And Tricks

Since I haven’t been able to sew a lot lately, I’ve been making it up by doing lots of reading and surfing on the web. I’ve stumbled across of great tips and tutorials that I plan on keeping in mind for future projects and thought that I would share….
If you’re thinking of sewing up a pattern that calls for an invisible zipper, here’s two tutorials on how put put one in – one using an invisible zipper foot [link via Whip Up] and the other using a standard zipper foot.
A great tutorial on making the perfect mitered hem.
I rarely make welt pockets, mostly because they never turn out quite right. However, after reading Ann’s tutorial on how she goes about making hers, I may have to find a pattern that will let me try this process out.
Have a hard time figuring out how to take your measurements? This picture tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew will help you figure out how to take yours for the perfect pattern fit!
Tips for sewing with leather.
I’ve always wanted to learn how to drape – these videos might give me a good head start! [link via Craft]
Prom and formalwear season has arrived. If you’ve opted to buy instead of make your dress, here’s a few tips on how to alter beaded clothing.
Solving the problem of how to cut slippery fabrics. [link via Craft]
Another method for making beautiful bound buttonholes.

Sew Along Contest Updates

Now that May is here, that means the close of the Sophia Carry-All Sew Along Contest. I am completely blown away by all the bags made in this sew along! Be sure to check out all the photos listed in the Flickr group – you’re sure to get some inspiration by looking at these gorgeous creations! We’ll be announcing the winner on Monday.
May also means the start of a new sew along contest – the reversible, Emmeline Apron. We’ll be using the same Flickr group for this one, so if you signed up for the Sophia Carry-All, you don’t need to join again. If you’re new to our sew alongs just add us to your group listing before uploading your final apron photos. Completed project images need to be posted by midnight May 31 – prizes have yet to be determined, but it may involve some of Amy Butler’s yummy new Midwest Modern line and possibly a pattern or two!
As for my own version of the apron, I’ll be finishing up purchasing my fabric this weekend and will put up my fabrics on the sidebar over the weekend.


Voting has begun in the 2nd Annual Softie Awards – don’t forget to pick your favorite!
If you’ve been thinking of creating your own softie, here’s a few cuties that you can make yourself:
Silver Seams has a number of free patterns for a variety of different animals including hedgehogs, ferrets, wacky chickens, and a preview of her latest pattern – the snowshoe hare.
I love this robot toy! I can see myself making Easton one of these very soon. [link via Craft]
How to create the classic sock monkey. For a twist, try the red healed sock to make a sock elephant.
Don’t forget to visit WeeWonderfuls where you can always find a ton of adorable patterns!

Planning For Mother’s Day

It’s May 1 – which means if you haven’t thought about what you’ll be giving your mother this year it’s time to start planning….. Mother’s Day is only 11 days away! Here’s some fun (free) projects to get you started:
For those who’s mom loves to cook here’s an adorable Quick and Easy tutorial half apron [link via the Apronista], a hand cut felt applique cover up [link via Craft], or this fantastic recycled denim overall that’s been altered to make a full size apron. Don’t have time to whip one up? Then try to win yourself this pink frilly apron and tea cozy.
CraftGossip has a number of links for projects that would be perfect for mom including pillows, napkins and makeup bags.
If your mom loves the outdoors, pack a picnic back full of goodies and include a few handmade oilcloth placemats. [link via Craft]
(Most) Moms appreciate homemade knits. Knitty has two new surprises up just in time to whip up for Mother’s Day – this gorgeous cardigan and these cozy socks.
For the bag-o-haulic, Quilting Arts TV has a fun quilted bag (you’ll need register with the site and look for #107) [link via Quality Time] and Japanese coin purse or try this pattern for a square bottom tote and cosmetic travel case.